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August Awesome Eagles announced

August Awesome Eagles

Katie Hillemeyer, Reporter

September 19, 2019

Every month four Harding students are recognized for random acts of kindness, or for good citizenship, observed by faculty inside and outside the classroom. This month's Awesome Eagles are freshman Callen Dozier, sophomore Divine Visbal, junior Ja'taeli Heath and senior Lauren Summers. The Awesome...

From: [email protected] Subject: Microsoft Word Package

Sophore Faith Morrison logging into her Microsoft account to work on homework.

Alice Bennett, Reporter

September 6, 2019

Have you ever cringed looking at your old email and wished you could create a new one, one that doesn’t make teachers roll their eyes at you? When applying for college and jobs, one of the first things admissions officers look at is the email address. It’s the main means of communication for mo...

Improve yourself

Hani Mohamed, Reporter

February 13, 2019

Welcome 2019! January is the time when everyone makes their resolution for the year. Every year is meant to be a better year than the year before.  2019 has many opportunities for everyone. Here is what students and teachers at HCP had to say about New Year's resolutions and what they plan to...

‘Aquaman’,’Birdbox’ and ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ dominate the Holiday Season

Xavier Rhone, Reporter / Social Media Coordinator

January 31, 2019

The winter holiday saw a slew of feature-length films hit screens both big and small. Of the films that were on the tips of everyone's tongues this break, the three films that stood out were the superhero films 'Aquaman' and 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,' as well as the Netflix original, 'Bird Box.' James Wan's 'Aquaman' was o...

Dropping the ‘F’ bomb

Alice Bennett, Reporter

November 19, 2018

Across the school I’ve noticed a recent resurgence of the use of the F word. No, not the word parents fear that their kids will hear when they stub their toe against the table, the other one. This word is a bit more harmful. It’s a derogatory slang word used to describe people of the LGBTQ+ c...

Freshman first impressions

Cam Anderson, Hani Mohamed, Reporters

October 18, 2018

Imagine: It's the first day of school and students are rustling around the hall, congregating and renewing paused friendships. They are lost, blank faces symbolizing the fear and confusion of being the fresh meat of the school. That was the feeling on the first day of school for the freshman. The first...

English teacher announces baby number two

Runnels and her family enjoying quality time together.

Camryn Anderson,, Reporter

October 4, 2018

Junior English teacher Natalie Runnels will add a new addition to her family this spring. Runnels is already the proud mother of a little girl, but is excited for another chance to experience motherhood. “I haven’t really done anything in preparation for the baby. We just moved, so everything is ...

Ali Jalilian: student, photographer extraordinaire

Dylan DelCol, Reporter

September 19, 2018

Leaning awkwardly to get just the right angle, catch just the right light, find the perfect alignment and - *click!* The camera shutter snaps and the carefully constructed moment is frozen in time. This is Ali Jalilian's favorite moment - all the elements of his composition coming together as one. This...

Carlos Flores floors the field with college offers

Mitchell Stroud, Reporter

May 7, 2018

Senior and valedictorian Carlos Flores accepted the AnBryce Scholars Initiative scholarship to Notre Dame last week. Flores has been accepted to Princeton, Duke, Colorado School of Minds and Baylor University. He also received a full ride to Duke. The AnBryce scholarship covers the entire published cost of att...

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