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Treats, eats for all Valentine’s Day budgets

Mitchell Stroud, Reporter

February 8, 2018

You wake up, and the brisk February air gently sweeps away your slumber as you walk to the corner flower shop. Every morning you walk by and see the idle shop-owners welcome the few regulars that stop by every day, but today is different. The flower shop is bustling with troves of customers searching...

Winter break happenings

Mitchell Stroud, Reporter

February 1, 2018

Winter break: a time of joy, relaxation and gifts for all, surrounded by the people you love. It was no different for students and teachers at HCP who spent quality time exploring the many facets the North American Continent contains. Sophomore Anna Serven, along with senior Drew Serven, went ...

Spirit Week 2017 photo slideshow

Rachel Rose, Reporter

November 28, 2017

HCP had five days of onesies, tutus, glitter, hair dye, face paint, and spirit!

‘Moore’ hardware for Speech and Debate

Jordyn Daniels, Reporter

November 20, 2017

Congratulations to the following Speech and Debate team members at the Moore Speech and Debate Tournament. This was their second tournament of the season, and even with a small group of students, the team was successful. "One of our strong suites is extemporaneous speaking; four of our nine qualifications...

Start shopping — Spirit Week days announced

Jordyn Daniels, Reporter

October 31, 2017

The annual Spirit Week days are in! Spirit week is Nov. 13-17, wristbands will be available everyday for $10 to participate in the dress up days. Monday is Pajama Day; dress up in your favorite jammies.  Tuesday is Dynamic Duo; come with your friend as a pair or come with a group with a theme....

Students earn spots in regional honor orchestra

Freshman Deepika Sitaraman and sophomores Victor Nguyen and Jackson Burnette all earned spots in the North Central Honor Orchestra in early October.

Jordyn Daniels, Reporter

October 18, 2017

Three orchestra students were recently chosen for the highly-selective North Central Honor Orchestra, the most Harding students to have collectively earned spots in the group. Freshman Deepika Sitaraman and sophomores Jackson Burnette and Victor Nguyen auditioned on Oct. 7. NCHO is an honor orchestra for string orchestra students in grades 7 through 12 in the North Cen...

Student exchange program comes ‘full circle’ for French teacher

Dylan DelCol, Reporter

October 17, 2017

The biannual French exchange program has come again, and it has a special meaning for Harding's French teacher, Emma Smreker. '“One thing I love,” Smreker said, “is [that] there’s some kids that have never been outside of the country [and] being able to be that person that helps facilitate...

September Awesome Eagles

Awesome Eagles Braden Warma, Carlos Flores, Dr. Mylo Miller (center), Daniel Medina and Daniela Sandoval.

Jordyn Daniels, Reporter

October 9, 2017

Congratulations to September Ewesome Eagles freshman Daniel Medina, sophomore Braden Warma, junior Daniela Sandoval and senior Carlos Flores. Students are chosen by teachers for going out of the ordinary and for excelling in the classroom. Perks of being student of the month include a free clothes...

New year, new rules

New year, new rules

Dylan DelCol, Reporter

September 11, 2017

As the summer wound to a close, the announcement was disbursed via HCP Newsletter: the dress code has changed yet again. This time around, the HCP Governance Board has taken aim at the issue of student professionalism where uniforms are concerned. "I think one of the things that the board was l...

Harding students, faculty swap school for thrills this summer

Kate and Carlos walk down to the dock at Lake Texoma

Mitchell Stroud, Reporter

September 7, 2017

Although during the school year the students and teachers are flooded with work and grading, the summer gives everyone time to relax and spend time with others away from the dread of homework in the back of your mind. Summer is usually seen as time to lay around and do nothing but contrary to that, the...

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