Cafe Kacao offers spicy breakfast treats


Katie Leenders

Marionette staffers Callie Struby and Michael Emerson enjoy Licuados, a fruit smoothie offered up by the chefs at Cafe Kacao.

Callie Struby, Reporter

Once again the Marionette staff ventured off campus to try a new food experience. This time we went Guatemalan. More specifically we went to Café Kacao located on 3325 North Classen Blvd. in Oklahoma City.

Café Kacao is perfect for anyone looking to try some new and exciting food. From mosh and heuvos rancheros to French toast and chocolate waffles, anything you try is guaranteed to have a Guatemalan twist.

Rebekah Dow tasted the motuleno, which is two corn tortillas stuffed with black beans, topped with two eggs cooked to order, ranchero sauce, sour cream, pico de gallo, and avocado slices. She also ordered a side of mosh (Guatemalan oatmeal). She really enjoyed her meal despite the fact that her eggs were not over hard as she ordered. “I’m not a real egg person, but if I’m going to eat them I am going to eat them like that,” Dow said.

Katie Leenders also got the mosh and enjoyed it as well. She described it as warming and creamy. However Leenders was most looking forward to trying the chocolate waffles unfortunately they are only available on Saturday and Sunday. Leenders however was not giving up she went back the next day got what she wanted. “Oh god the waffles were delicious,”  Leenders said.

Michael Emerson recommends the izabel breakfast, which consists of sautéed potatoes with peppers, onions and chorizo, topped with two sunny-side-up eggs, accompanied with ranchero and green Chile sauces, refried black beans and corn tortilla chips. Be warned the green Chile sauce, is very spicy.

Elizabeth Silver arguably enjoyed her meal the most. “I loved it, it made my whole day happier,” she said. Silver had the Spicy Tecpan, scrambled eggs with chorizo, jalapenos and onions, served with refried black beans and house potatoes. Although it was spicier than she expected she enjoyed it none the less.

Lauren Edmond and I had the tikal breakfast, which I enjoyed a little more than she did. The tikal breakfast is scrambled eggs, with carne asada, Guatemalan sausage. It is served with refried black beans and fried plantains. The eggs were not properly seasoned but the rest of the meal was delicious. The carne asada was tender and tasty and the fried plantains which are my favorite part were perfectly sweet. This dish is good for anyone looking to get a little taste of everything.

One of the real highlights of the meal was the drinks. Emerson, Silver, and myself all had Licuados, or fruit smoothies. Emerson had the strawberry, Silver had the chocomilk, and I had the mango. We all enjoyed ours, they were refreshing, tasty, and had little bits of fruit in them. “It was awesome. I would like one now please” Silver said.

Café Kacao is a very good restaurant if you know what to order, and hopefully we have helped you find a dish you might enjoy. All restaurants have their problems such as slow service, and dishes that aren’t perfect like the eggs, but if you’re looking for some delicious and different food, and you’re not in a hurry, Café Kacao might just satisfy those needs.

Mosh, a Guatamalen take on oatmeal, is served with strawberries, bananas, toast and an assortment of jams and jellies.

Cafe Kacao is warmly decorated in earth tones, making it a cozy retreat on a cold morning.
Motuleno is corn tortillas stuffed with black beans, topped with eggs cooked to order. A mild red sauce, dry cheese and avocados top the meal along with tortilla chips.