Tender meat, as it should be

Callie Struby, Reporter

Tender meat, delicious sauce, and crispy chips: this is what the Marionette staff encountered on our last lunch trip. We hit up Bubba’s Bubba-Q on 23rd street, and this reviewer would happily go back again.

Bubba’s has been serving up barbeque since 1989 and consequently have become pretty good. They have been making delicious food for 20 years and have been mentioned in the Oklahoma Gazette and Distinctly Oklahoma.

Honestly I wasn’t too keen on going to eat barbeque, but I can confidently say that I left completely satisfied and ready to eat there again. I had a smoked turkey sandwich with “chip fries.” Although several members of our staff had the fries and described them as “charred” they were still crispy and with a little less frying they could be much better. The meat was delicious and very tender and juicy; it was lightly seasoned and sandwiched between perfectly toasted buns.

The barbeque sauce got mixed reviews from our staff. Some felt it was too sweet and not spicy enough, but nonetheless the sauce was flavorful, with a lot of depth. There was a slight kick which paired nicely with the kick of the pepper on the meat.

Lauren Edmond indulged in the smoked pork rib dinner with sides of fried okra and baked beans. The baked beans which had pieces of pulled pork throughout were classic and delicious, as was the okra, which although simple was tasty and nicely fried. “They [the ribs] were the bomb.com,” Edmond said.

Katie Leenders had the barbeque grilled cheese and mac and cheese. “Although it said barbeque grilled cheese it still needed more cheese than barbeque, but I also had the mac and cheese which made up for it,” Leenders said.

Kelli Taylor had the chopped brisket dinner with fried okra and mac and cheese. She said the brisket was a little fatty and because of that it was very rich, so she filled up fairly quickly and didn’t eat much. However she agreed with the others that the okra was “fantastic.” As for the mac and cheese, “It was really good when it was still hot. It got cold quickly because it was a cold day and really thick. It lost that creaminess that you want,” Taylor said.

Rebekah Dow had the Mediterranean Salad. She said it was seriously overdressed with a very acidic dressing. Then again she did order a salad at a barbeque restaurant.

Monica Threatt had the pulled pork with okra. She said the okra was lightly seasoned and tasted nice and crispy.

Overall, Bubba’s does a good job of making tender nicely seasoned barbeque and developing nice rich flavors. Their chips could use some improvement, and salad needs to be dressed less. If there is one thing that shines it is their meats, which you would expect from a barbeque restaurant.


Bubbas also caters, and can be reached by calling 715-815-4055 or by stopping by at 715 NW 23rd Street, Oklahoma City, OK.