Girls rule the school


Emily Dickerson

Anne Daniel introducing NHS with a PowerPoint at the first meeting of this school year

Paola Zapata, Reporter

As the 2022-2023 school year rolls around many of the student leaders change as the class of 2022 has graduated. This year we have many girls ruling the school! Including Sinya Gaston as STUCO President, Anne Daniel as NHS President, Cortnie Morgan as Head of Navigators, Daniela Reyes as Latinx Student Association President, and Ciara Patterson as Head of Black Student Union.  

Student leaders are very important, they help run clubs, meetings, and events. Student leaders being all girls this year is very cool! Goes to show that girls can do anything!  

“I want to create diversity for the school. To show off my heritage and culture. To basically show the school that we’re not just Mexican, we are a variety of Hispanics of different cultures and different backgrounds,” said Reyes head of LSA.  

Reyes is not only President of her club, but also co-founder. Reyes started LSA in 2021 with Paola Zapata (that’s me haha).  

Reyes mentioned that she likes to be friends with everyone and is so excited that the club has grown so much this year.  

Gaston says that she loves school spirit and this year STUCO is going to be focusing on school spirit.  

“For this year we are focusing on organization. As long as STUCO is organized the student body will be able to enjoy our events and see that we are actually here to help and not to just focus academically here at harding,” Gaston said.  

With STUCO having over 40+ members Gaston is excited to see what ideas they can bring in.  

Navigators this year is also a big club. With all people of color Officers Morgan says that “We want to make sure we leave a good impact on the freshmen and also help us [Navigators] to develop good leadership skills, that they can use for the rest of their lives.”  

Morgan mentioned that if things get too chaotic, she will get the help of her officers. “You have to make sure that you are organized and scheduling things correctly. Every now and then things are going to get crazy but you have to be able to manage that and ask for help.”  

Daniel said, “I want to teach people how to balance their personal lives with also giving back to the community. With being active in society and actually feeling like making a change.”  

Daniel is excited about events and more involvement in the club full of dedicated kids that are passionate about giving back to the community. 

Being a student leader can be stressful, apart from having jobs and homework. These girls have said that using their officers for aid can make the job easier.  

“Time management is the worst part for me I’m really busy, I work two jobs, and if I’m not working, I’m doing school stuff and so there’s not much time for me, but since I’m very passionate about this club I will find time for it,” said Reyes. 

Reyes said it is cool that the officers can manage the club together and it is not just her putting in on the work.  

Gaston said, “Asking for help helps me as a leader, that is a quality a leader should have, because you can do it all by yourself but that way is always more stressful.” 

Although, Daniel had a little more trouble during the summer without any officers.  

“Balance has been really hard for me, especially with this club and I’m the only returning officer this year. The weight of the workload has been put on my shoulders over the summer. And I think getting organized over the summer was beneficial for now. I feel like it’s not as big as stress in my life. I think the thing I do most to keep that balance is to use my agenda. It’s so helpful and communicating when I need help.” 

However, being a student leader does not have to be all stressful, many events are being planned for the upcoming school year and these student leaders cannot wait for the student body to participate!