HCP Welcomes Allison Taylor


Taylor helps students on their humanities assignment.

Violet Parrott

Allison Taylor is the new choir and humanities teacher this year. She has been a teacher for the past 20 years.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Taylor got her master’s degree in music from the University of Central Oklahoma.

“When I was in college I was not planning to teach. I actually told people that I’m not going to teach. I going to perform and raise kids,” Taylor said.

Taylor found her passion for teaching when she decided to do private violin lessons with students.

“There was something really awesome about seeing someone go from not being able to play something, not make any music out of it [an instrument] to be able to make something that was really beautiful,” Taylor explained.

Not only does Taylor enjoy being a teacher, but she also enjoys being a mom to two kids. She loves to spend time with her family whenever she can. They enjoy watching a lot of movies like Harry Potter and outdoor activities such as hiking.

Taylor previously taught choir at The Academy of Classical Christian before coming to teach at Harding. She decided to come to Harding because she was going to be able to teach two of her favorite subjects choir and humanities. 

Taylor talked about her goals for her choir class. She wants them to be able to perform more outside of the classroom.

“[My hope] is to get the choir to perform more at school events or assemblies, especially the advanced choir because they are really good,” Taylor said. 

Taylor’s goal for her humanities class is to show how art comes in different aspects. Being artsy doesn’t mean that you have to draw, paint or play an instrument. 

” [to] help them have a good experience with art. I think art with a lot of kinds can be seen as a dry subject… I really want them to find the resident and to find hidden meanings in the art,” Taylor said.

Taylor said she is excited for this year and can’t wait to see what the year will bring for her two classes. “[I’m] excited for the school year. It’s been great so far and I just expect it to get better,” Taylor said.