Music department to hold speakeasy-themed showcase


Caleb Oquendo

The Singeasy performance and fundraiser will be held on Friday, Oct. 7. Students may audition to perform on Thursday, Sept. 15. All proceeds will go to the HCP Music Department.

Isis Navarrette, Reporter

Dim the lights and strike up the band: the music department is hosting a speakeasy-themed talent show called the Singeasy on Oct. 7. Everyone is allowed to audition and display their talents whether it is singing, dancing, or playing an instrument. Auditions will be held on the afternoon of Sept. 15 in the auditorium. 

The Singeasy is a fundraiser for the choir, band and orchestra, who are all taking trips next spring. At this time, there is still plenty of room for talented individuals to audition. 

“If there are more people involved there will be more talents and more fun,” said choir director Dr. Jenifer Gillis. “It would be great to make at least maybe $2,000 for each group.”  

In addition to raising money for trips, the groups still need to be able to pay for their normal annual costs for contest fees, transportation and music. 

“While we have had successful fundraisers like Snap Raise, it’s fun to get to do events and showcase all our talented students,” said band and orchestra director Kelli Taylor. “It’s more personal and it helps draw interest to our programs in addition to putting a little money in our budgets.” 

The Singeasy will be set up in the cafeteria with dim lighting and candles, stage and special VIP seating. VIP tickets will go on sale soon and can be bought through band, orchestra and choir students. VIP ticket holders will be served desserts and beverages. General admission tickets will be available at the door when guests arrive at the event. 

“This is a good cause and a great way to share talents and it will be the first one in a long time,” said senior Ella Rowe.