C.A.L.M. down with Five Seconds of Summer’s new album


Lilly Franca, Reporter

The start of the pandemic was hectic, but with a new smooth pop sound, Five Seconds of Summer dropped their album C.A.L.M. at a time when many needed it

5SOS has transitioned from its traditional pop-punk style to a smoother Pop sound. And indeed, there’s a refreshing, untethered lightness of mood and touch here, and more interesting music than 5SOS has had before. 

“No Shame” is captivating, brings with it a far lighter mood. It opens with Michael Clifford’s subdued guitars, with Hood and Irwin joining in building the song until it bursts into the chorus. “Old Me” goes into the past when the band was thrown out into the public eye at such a young age

The most powerful song, “Wildflower,” is filled with Hood’s warm vocals, which get increasingly smooth as the song continues. The last few songs are more emotional and showcase, it’s a perfect pop record, with no filler songs, that shows off the bands range. Experience 5SOS on your own, as all you have to do, is listen.  

 “Lonely Heart”– From listening to it during this pandemic lets me express how I’m feeling with everything going on in life today. When I can’t see the ones I love most it makes me feel trapped away from society. 

“Best Years – When I’m listening to the best years I look back at my past and related to how many crazy things I did when I was young then to now with 2020 being the year of faces masks, Karen’s no often to anyone named Karen, and of course Covid-19. 

I’m giving 5 seconds of Summer’s album C.A.L.M. 5/5 guitars.