The stuff of nightmares — HCP edition

Stephanie Emerson, Reporter

Halloween is upon us, ready to pounce with haunted houses, zombies and screaming kids. However, sometimes our own nightmares are scarier than a whole holiday devoted to frightening activities. Here are a few nightmares from our very own HCP students guaranteed to give you chills.

CJ Koso, senior

All humans were loaded into trucks, and taken away.  As they pass under a magical arch it turns them all into M&M people. I had to fight them off and eat them.

Brenna Lyon, senior

When I was 5, I had a nightmare that my brother Max, my sister Kateri, and I were in an orphanage. Max had a lighter and lit the orphanage on fire.  The firefighters came and took everybody that had been burned to the fire station where there was a gigantic pool in the middle of the floor. They threw all the burning people into the pool. There was also a really tall character guy that was blue and had a really big head and nose. He was really lanky and creeped me out.

Chong Doolin, junior

When I was 6, I constantly had a dream where I was in the room from Dragon Tales, the show, and I was blind and I heard them saying the rhyme to go to Dragon Land. I couldn’t find them and they would yell my name, but I could never get to them. When I gained my sight back, they were gone, and I always had that dream.

Dr. Mylo Miller, principal

I’ve had a reoccurring nightmare that I am in a big house. The house was vacant, and I would wander throughout the empty rooms.  It always gave me this spooky feeling as though something bad was about to happen.

Joseph DeShazo, sophomore

The zombie apocalypse was real, and I was constantly fleeing from the zombies. I had to watch a zombie peeling the flesh off of me.

Morgan Stinson, freshman

I had a nightmare where everyone turned into monkeys except my brother and me. My brother and I were walking around when my brother turned into a monkey too and ate me.

Samaya Rosario, freshman

I went to the dentist, but it turned out to be a crazy clown. He ripped out all my teeth, and when he opened his mouth I saw that it was full of spikey teeth. Then he bit off my head, and I woke up.


When I was 9, I had a nightmare that there was a hooded figure dressed in all black following me. The environment around me was all dark. The hooded figure was trying to kill me. I woke up terrified.

Chris Mathews, sophomore

Everyone in my family had robot clones. My grandma and sister were in the basement when robot clones of my sisters attacked me. I yelled downstairs for my grandma and sister to stay there.  Then I went to NASA, but they were all robots too. Then I got a jet pack to fly away, but mid-flight I ran out of fuel and started to fall. I woke up when I started to fall.

Dream on, Eagles. Sleep tight, and don’t let the zombies bite.