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The Marionette Online is a student-led online news site that provides current news to the Harding Charter Preparatory High School community, including its students, faculty, parents and alumni.

Editorials, columns, and reviews that appear with a byline are the opinions of the writer and not necessarily those of the staff, adviser or administration. Unsigned editorials are the opinions held by The Marionette staff but are not necessarily the opinion of the adviser or administrators. The Marionette provides an open forum for students and staff and strives to present news in an unbiased and timely fashion.

The adviser for The Marionette is Kelli Taylor. Send comments or suggestions to [email protected]


Site Awards

Best of SNO — Alice Bennett — New year, new focus

2018-2019 Oklahoma Scholastic Media All-Oklahoman

Divisions II and III Critical Review
Hon Mention: Xavier Rhône
3rd place:  Xavier Rhône
2nd place:  Xavier Rhône
1st place:  Xavier Rhône
Divisions II and III Feature Story
2nd place: Hani Mohamed
1st place: Xavier Rhône
Division III Multimedia Package
Hon Mention: Dylan DelCol
Divisions II and III News Story
3rd place: Dylan DelCol
2nd place: Cam Anderson
1st place: Violet Parrott
Division II and III Opinion
3rd place: Nikita Lewchuk
2nd place: Xavier Rhône
Division III Sports News Story
3rd place: Cam Anderson
2nd place: Violet Parrott
1st place: Gregory Richardson
Division III Video Package
3rd place: Hani Mohamed
2nd place: Jordyn Daniels
1st place: Alice Bennett
On Deadline Contest
Online Critique Column
3rd place:  Xavier Rhône
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