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The student news site of Harding Charter Preparatory High School

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“Your Apartment”- review

Becca Jolly, Editor-in-chief February 21, 2024

Wallows introduced me to my favorite genre of music: Indie Rock.   On Feb. 16 the band released their first single in two years titled “Your Apartment.” I have been waiting for a new Wallows drop...


‘On Wednesdays, we wear pink’

Becca Jolly, Editor-in-chief January 30, 2024

CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS!    "Mean Girls" has been a highly-anticipated film for months. I couldn't stop my excitement when I saw the trailer all those months ago.   Just like everyone else,...

The holidays dont always have to be so cheerful. Sit down with Ajax and enjoy the bloodier side of Christmas.

Top 5 Holiday Horror Films

Ajax Buxton, Reporter December 13, 2023

Perhaps you’re tired of hearing about the all new Red Rider BB Gun and shooting one’s eye out; perhaps you’ve seen the existence Santa Claus proved by the American Judicial System one too many times;...

Major fossil fuel producers are responsible for over 70% of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions.

Holding companies accountable

Miranda Rodriguez, Editor-in-chief December 12, 2023

"Living a sustainable lifestyle" is an idea that has grown in popularity over the last few years. It’s an idea that has received advocation from activists, it aims to help put a stop to the climate crisis....

A thriller, mystery, and romance there is no in between.

Mystery or Romance? The tragic pull between of ‘Stay Close’

Emma Attig, Editor-in-chief November 30, 2023

Harlan Coben is a well-known mystery and thriller writer. Through creative depiction and very vivid imagery, Coben creates a novel mystery readers can’t pass up. In his novel, “Stay Close,” released...

Formosa comes from the latin word for beautiful

Formidable flavors at 23rd street spot

Hannah Tichenor, Reporter November 30, 2023

Formosa Street Food & Bar is a family-owned Asian fusion restaurant found in downtown Oklahoma City.   When you first walk in, you are met with the restaurant's soothing atmosphere. I felt so...

Teardown takes away the pressure of building a world by allowing the player to destroy it instead.


Davis Cline November 17, 2023

"Teardown" is a game that puts the "destruction" in construction, and it is an absolute riot.  Visually, the game takes a unique approach with its voxel-based graphics. While not aiming for hyper-realism,...


1989 never goes out of “Style”

Becca Jolly, Editor-in-chief November 15, 2023

Back in August, Taylor Swift started heavily teasing the rerelease of her album 1989.   For once, us Swifties were right with our delusions, because on the last night of the United States leg of the...

Fun fact: when guests ask for a different table, we immediately panic and have to switch around our table rotations.

“Your job is easy”

Becca Jolly, Editor-in-chief November 8, 2023

“Your job is so easy, why are you complaining about it?”  Since starting my first job as a hostess, I hear this expression all the time.   Most teens, myself included, turn to hosting because...

Official album cover for Drakes For All the Dogs. From

Rapper seems to feel “Away From Home” with new song

Adrianna Hill, Reporter October 30, 2023

I’ve been a fan of Drake for years, since the “Kiki Do you Love Me?” challenge in 2018. His versatile music style keeps his fan base interested and awaiting all of his new music.  Since the release...

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