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The Cathedral in Senlis is one of the smallest ones in France.

Bonjour Senlis!

Becca Jolly, Editor-in-chief April 22, 2024

On March 13, we arrived in Senlis, to meet our host families! The whole bus ride I was shaking with excitement and nerves. The thought of living with a random family for ten days was very frightening.   What...

Every hour the Eiffel Tower sparkles for five miniutes.

Bonjour Paris!

Becca Jolly, Editor-in-chief April 9, 2024

On March 9, I had the great privilege of traveling to France, to participate in HCP’s French Exchange program.   My group consisted of 29 students from our school and Cassady, along with our...

HCP ASMR, pt. 2

Hannah Tichenor and Becca Jolly December 12, 2023

Reporters Hannah Tichenor and Becca Jolly team up to present the sounds of high school, including staplers, paper and calculators.

Fun fact: when guests ask for a different table, we immediately panic and have to switch around our table rotations.

“Your job is easy”

Becca Jolly, Editor-in-chief November 8, 2023

“Your job is so easy, why are you complaining about it?”  Since starting my first job as a hostess, I hear this expression all the time.   Most teens, myself included, turn to hosting because...

Students who want to improve their mental health can utilize their local gym or don a pair of running shoes to work out. Regular exercise has been shown to not only improve cardiovascular and physical health, but also mental health, as well. Photo from Pexels

Effects of exercise on teens

Emma Attig, Editor-in-chief October 30, 2023

As teens face the inevitable hardships life brings, it can become overwhelming to keep up. With busy schedules and conflicts, it can be hard to create time for self-care. However, many teens have found...

Lechange Francais 2023

L’echange Francais 2023

Ajax Buxton, Reporter October 24, 2023

4,800 miles from Oklahoma City, across the Atlantic, and 30 minutes outside of Paris, lies the small French town of Senlis. In late October of 2023, 25 students from this town will travel to HCP as part...

It’s the great pumpkin spice latte, Charlie Brown!

Becca Jolly, Editor-in-chief October 17, 2023

I am on my journey to becoming a cool coffee girl. This Fall, I went out of my comfort zone and tried a few fall inspired drinks from Starbucks.   Normally when I go to Starbucks, I order a strawberry...

HCP students struggle to find the meaning behind all the hard work and struggle in an Advance Placement school.

What will Harding do for me?

Emma Attig, Editor-in-chief October 13, 2023

As students at Harding trudge through their extensive and rigorous courses, they tend to lose sight of what the hard work they do now will do for them in the future. Freshmen feel like they are drowning...

The stage during the encore song Outer Space

‘Disconnected’ at the 5 Seconds of Summer show

Becca Jolly, Editor-in-chief September 18, 2023

Recently, I have discovered my love for concerts. Slowly I have been crossing off the names of people who I want to see perform the most.   On Sept. 9, I got to cross off the number one name on my...

Seniors reach out to new students through Navigator program

Seniors reach out to new students through Navigator program

Isis Navarrette, Reporter September 6, 2023

Navigators are a group of senior students who come together to help freshmen students adjust to high school life. They help with anything a freshman might need help with or need to know throughout the...

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