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BSU, STUCO host 2K21 Halloween events

Adam Peters, Reporter November 16, 2021

The Black Student Union and the Student Council teamed up to host various Halloween events for the student body, including a Halloween costume day, a trunk or treat event, a haunted maze and a drive-in...

Students are often torn between wearing comfortable, fashionable clothing and what the dress code allows.

My Clothes Aren’t A Distraction

Campbell Hans, Reporter October 29, 2021

The first time my clothing was a distraction, I was 12. I remember getting tapped on the shoulder and then being told to not wear my tank top again because it was “distracting” to my peers. It was...

Dont become a victim of phishing scams. Follow the checklist in our story to avoid falling into online financial traps.

Going ‘phishing’

Delnaz Kazemi, Reporter October 29, 2021

Phishing, smishing and other types of financial scams are nothing new. Most of these scams are a way to get money out of the pocket of the victim in the situation. There are many different types of...

Members of the Black Student Union.

BSU ‘lets us express ourselves’

Paola Zapata , Reporter October 29, 2021

The Black Student Union is a club that represents African American culture and history, and examines current news that influences African Americans in the school.   "BSU is important because it gives...

Sophomore Campbell Hans has some after work fun with the other employees at the restaurant where she works as a hostess.

Employed students learn to strike school, work balance 

Emma Attig, Reporter October 19, 2021

Wake up. Go to school. Go to work. Attempt homework. Give up. Sleep. Repeat.  About half of all American high school students have jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Balancing life...

Junior Vinny Langworthy leads a meeting of the HCP QSA.

QSA fills vital role for students

Paola Zapata , Reporter September 29, 2021

According to a recent national survey, around 1.3 million kids, or roughly 8% of all high school students in America, report being lesbian, gay or bisexual. These students are twice as likely to be bullied,...

A young student stares at a screen depicting what many nights for Gifted students all across America look like.

Gifted kid burnout; students suffering in silence

Anne Daniel, Reporter April 15, 2021

A recent influx of videos from teenagers making fun of "Gifted Kid Burnout" and its negative side effects on a wide variety of social media platforms from Snapchat to Tik-Tok has shed light on a rather...

Sophomore Paola Zapata and her dad share a happy moment. Zapatas father was deported in 2019.

Abolishing ICE

Paola Zapata , Reporter April 8, 2021

My Story behind a Deported Parent  On May 7, 2019, I was sitting in the St. Anthony’s Hospital Mental Health Unit. It was finally the day I was going to get discharged after being there for 2 weeks....

A sad depiction of many signs local businesses have had to hang in their windows during the pandemic.

The Destruction of Local Business; Another Victim of COVID-19

Anne Daniel, Reporter March 4, 2021

The first ever reported case of COVID-19 in the United States was on Jan. 21, 2020. By March 13, businesses, schools and lives were ordered to halt in order to protect the public from the deadly virus...


‘No one even batted an eye’: shedding light on domestic abuse within the school community

Katie Hillemeyer, Editor February 1, 2021

Domestic abuse is an issue that is rampant in our community. Data from CDC's Youth Risk Behavior Survey and the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey indicates that approximately 1 in 11...

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