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How to help small businesses survive COVID-19

How to help small businesses survive COVID-19

Katie Hillemeyer, Reporter

April 14, 2020

As of March 25, all nonessential businesses have been forced to close doors due to coronavirus as per Governor Kevin Stitt's executive order. Although all businesses will (and have already) taken a hit from the order, none have been more affected than the state's local businesses. Even though a recen...

US-Iran tensions deescalate for now

Gregory Richardson, Reporter

January 31, 2020

The new year started off rough with the assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani on January 3, which happened as a result of Soleimani directly giving orders to attack the US Embassy in Baghdad. An American airstrike killed him in his convoy while it was leaving the Baghdad International Airport....

So, the 2010s are over – what happened?

So, the 2010s are over - what happened?

Katie Hillemeyer, Reporter

December 13, 2019

And just like that, another decade has passed. From influencers to streaming TV to natural disasters (and that's not counting the current Presidency), the 'teens brought us a variety of events to remember. Here's a look back at the last 10 years. Social Media or Social Monopoly? Perhaps the biggest ...

Inaugural Career Day features visitors, focus on future

A visitor from AMC@UCO talks with students about the realities of music careers at the inaugural Career Day.

Alice Bennett, Reporter

November 21, 2019

School is a stepping stone to help students to navigate the real world and get a job. Harding's first ever career day was created to expand the students viewpoints about certain jobs and to educate them on potential future careers. Students signed up for three sessions, writing their top 5 choices down. Everyo...

Spirits soar as Spirit Week approaches

Alice Bennett, Reporter

November 15, 2019

Spirit Week kicks off next week, running from November 18 to 23. STUCO announced the dress up days as followed: Monday is Pajama Day; wear cozy and warm clothes, but try not to take a nap during class. After school is the drive-in movie, where "Home Alone" will be playing. The movie starts at 6 p.m....

Clubs and where to find them

Alice Bennett, Reporter

September 23, 2019

As the school year enters September, clubs find their ground and start hosting meetings. Here's the clubs that have started around the school, or are soon to start: Book club: The first meeting will be Sept. 26 in the media center. Ping pong: Meets every Friday in the cafeteria. Nerd gaming...

Eagles of Harding

September 19, 2019

From: [email protected] Subject: Microsoft Word Package

Sophore Faith Morrison logging into her Microsoft account to work on homework.

Alice Bennett, Reporter

September 6, 2019

Have you ever cringed looking at your old email and wished you could create a new one, one that doesn’t make teachers roll their eyes at you? When applying for college and jobs, one of the first things admissions officers look at is the email address. It’s the main means of communication for mo...


Violet Parrott, Reporter

March 26, 2019

As a capstone class requirement, seniors arrange an off-campus mentorship in their desired career field in the spring. The mentorship is a way for seniors to get hands-on experience in their chosen career. Seniors started their mentorships on Feb. 19 and the program will last until April 11. Senior...

New Gun Legislation Sparks Statewide Debate

Dylan DelCol, Reporter

March 25, 2019

In late February, newly inaugurated Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, signed into law a measure that would allow Oklahoma residents age 21 and over to carry a gun without requiring a permit. The bill established Constitutional Carry across the state and is set to take effect on 1 Nov 2019. Though...

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