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Disneys Encanto has captured the hearts of many with its catchy music and relatable themes.

Encanto: A love song for Colombia

Paola Zapata , Reporter January 10, 2022

Following the movie “Coco,” Disney decided to make another movie revolving around another Hispanic family. “Encanto” focuses on a Colombian family and shows us what generational trauma can be like....

Students read a variety of novels and stories throughout high school, but not everyone agrees on which ones are the best.

Book report

Lucas Evans, Reporter October 29, 2021

Throughout their high school years, students will read a variety of novels. Predictably, some books are far more well-received than others. This got The Marionette wondering: What are the top three and...

iPhone users can now save even more pictures and download more apps with the new 1TB storage on the iPhone 13, available Sept. 24.

Apple announces iPhone 13

Adam Peters, Reporter September 14, 2021

Apple announced the iPhone 13 at its fall conference today along with a new Apple watch, iPad and iPad Mini. The iPhone 13 has the four standard models that have been offered the last several years:...

The Stray Kids at the Fact Music Awards. Bang Chan was accused of cultural appropriation after wearing his hair in cornrows in 2019.

Cultural Appropriation in K-Pop

Paola Zapata , Reporter May 6, 2021
“I feel like the idols and the companies need to be held accountable. Companies need to understand that their idols are an image of them as well and that simple things like deleting a post or apologizing will not be enough anymore. These idols are adults and older teenagers, taking the time to learn about EVERYONE'S culture is the least they can do,” said HCP sophomore Mulan Bridges.
A sad depiction of many signs local businesses have had to hang in their windows during the pandemic.

The Destruction of Local Business; Another Victim of COVID-19

Anne Daniel, Reporter March 4, 2021

The first ever reported case of COVID-19 in the United States was on Jan. 21, 2020. By March 13, businesses, schools and lives were ordered to halt in order to protect the public from the deadly virus...

Influencer, dancer, and now LGBTQ icon Jojo Siwa discussed her new status in a series of social media posts.

‘Love is universal’

Paola Zapata , Reporter February 28, 2021

Jojo Siwa On Coming Out:  Clad in a rainbow hairbow and hoodie, Jojo Siwa recently posted a TikTok lip-syncing to "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga, causing other influencers and fans to assume she was...

Halftime show that was a Blinding light

Halftime show that was a Blinding light

Lilly Franca, Reporter February 25, 2021

The players left the field, and from the darkness, he emerged, clad in a red glittery jacket and black gloves, surrounded by blinding lights. The Weeknd was on the Superbowl halftime stage, and he was...

Sophie Xeon

Immortal through art: remembering the life of SOPHIE

Katie Hillemeyer, Editor February 11, 2021

Singer and producer Sophie Xeon, known mononymously as SOPHIE, passed away on Jan. 30 from an accidental fall at the age of 34. "True to her spirituality she had climbed up to watch the full moon...

Find happiness within your “Soul”

Lilly Franca, Reporter February 1, 2021

As if “Inside Out” wasn’t enough to get the tears falling, Disney Pixar’s “Soul,” released over the holidays exclusively to Disney+, takes the viewer on a trip that begs the question: what...

Fashion as a symbol: inauguration outfits and their significance

Katie Hillemeyer, Editor February 1, 2021

Amidst riots at the Capitol on Jan, 6 during the certification of the 2020 election, the FBI and the American public worried about the possibility of further violence during the inauguration of Joe Biden. Fortunately,...

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