Me Before You Review

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Isis Frazier, Reporter

I had never heard of Me Before You by JoJo Moyes until I saw the movie trailer. Because I instantly fell in love with sweetness in the trailer, a greater force then told me to run and purchase the book before the movie came out.

I took the book on summer vacation with me, yet I never touched it for a while until three days before the movie came out.

Best believe me, I stayed up until three in the morning reading. Not only could I not put the book down, but I knew that the movie was opening that same day. This way, I went to sleep for five hours before getting up to go see the movie the same day that I finished the book.

Me Before You tells the story of Louisa Clarke after she loses her job then takes up another job as a carer wealthy quadriplegic Will Traynor. By meeting Will, she slowly backs away from her closed, safe life and begins to see that the world has a lot more to offer.

The lead character, Louisa Clarke, is absolutely adorable. From her inappropriately-timed jokes to her love for bumblebee printed tights, Louisa is a brilliant, unique perspective character.

In the movie, Louisa is played by Emilia Clarke. She is best known for her role in Game of Thrones as Daenerys Targaryen. However, she brings life to a completely different character in Me Before You.

Will is a charming character as well. At first, you hate him, but he grows on you because of his intellect and attractive personality. In the movie, Sam Claflin played Will Traynor. Claflin is known for portraying Finnick Odair in Susan Collins’ The Hunger Games film adaption.

The chemistry between Claflin and Clarke is clearly visible and allows the movie to flow easily. While watching the movie, everything felt real and I could not take my eyes of the screen.

Along with this, it was great being able to cry alongside other people during both the happy parts and the sad parts.

The book was full of cute gestures, humorous word play. I have always had a love for the story of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, but this book has definitely topped it. You’ll especially love it if you’re looking for sweet love story rather than something steamy. The little bit of comedy also makes it a lot more heartfelt.

Of course, there were some things in the book that were rather significant that didn’t make it into the movie. However, their absence didn’t disrupt the movie in any way. In the book, these scenes were emotional and only drew me in to love the characters even more.

Overall, Me Before You is a slow burn in both the book and the film adaption. You can feel every emotion the characters go through and sometimes it’ll make your heart jump. Sometimes, you’ll giggle. Other times, you’ll want to lay in your bed, stare up at the ceiling and allow tears to run down the sides of your face.

It’ll make you rethink life and all of the things you have done and everything you want to do.

I will most certainly read the second book and see the next movie if it is to be created.