Apple announces iPhone 13



iPhone users can now save even more pictures and download more apps with the new 1TB storage on the iPhone 13, available Sept. 24.

Adam Peters, Reporter

Apple announced the iPhone 13 at its fall conference today along with a new Apple watch, iPad and iPad Mini.

The iPhone 13 has the four standard models that have been offered the last several years: iPhone 13 Mini ($699), iPhone 13 ($799), iPhone 13 Pro ($999) and the iPhone 13 Pro Max ($1,099).

The notable new features include a 1 terabyte storage option, new Apple A15 bionic chip, marginally improved cameras, and the different colors graphite, gold, silver and sierra blue. The new 1TB  storage option a large storage option than offered before — the previous largest size offered was 512 GB. The new chip Apple’s A15 Bionic is an ARM-based chip with 6-core CPU cores and 4-core GPU promising 50 percent faster CPU performance and 30 percent faster GPU performance.

Other minor notable changes include a 20 percent smaller front camera and sensors notch, although most flagship Android phones have gone notchless for a generation or two. The new iPads ($329 and $499) will be available next week and the iPhone 13 starting Sept.24. The Apple watch Series 7 comes in at $399 and will be available later this fall.