Violet Parrott, Reporter

As a capstone class requirement, seniors arrange an off-campus mentorship in their desired career field in the spring. The mentorship is a way for seniors to get hands-on experience in their chosen career. Seniors started their mentorships on Feb. 19 and the program will last until April 11.

Senior Cody Cummins wants to further her education in dietetics. Cummins wants to be able to help people become more healthy without having to use medication. She is excited to start her mentorship and is hoping to gain more education in her desired field.

“I think that I’m really fit for this career because I want to help people and I have been interested in health, so it’s a perfect thing for me. I’m excited for this experience,” Cummins said.

Senior Addie Zahn has found a mentorship at the Boys and Girls Club. Zahn wants to work for a non-profit organization because she has always been good at fundraising and getting people to support a cause. She will be mentoring with Larissa Conn over the next few weeks and over spring break. Like Cummins, she also wants to help people.

“I don’t want a big paying job, I just want to help people,” Zahn said.

Senior Kamron Givens has found a mentorship with Luther Allen. Allen is a chef at a local hospital. Givens is not fully convinced that he wants to further his education in culinary school, but since it interests him he is excited to learn.

“I’m doing this as my mentorship because when I was younger I loved food and cooking and this is a good opportunity to see if I want to do this for the rest of my life,” Givens said.