School organizations are making money moves


Pixabay on Pexels

HCP student organizations ask for funding. (Pixabay)

Miranda Rodriguez, Reporter

Multiple fundraisers are being held throughout the 2022-2023 school year, hoping to bring in money for student activities. 

A wide variety of organizations will be holding fundraisers. Some groups include HCP band, choir, orchestra, student council, and much more. 

“We are doing a Snap! Raise campaign; we’re trying to get to $3,000 or more for our funds for music students going to New York,” said vocal choir teacher Jennifer Gillis. 

Choir will be holding this fundraiser for 30 days. They will be promoting through social media and contributors will be able to donate through Snap! Raise. 

“We’ll be raising money for band. It’ll be the Snap! raise fundraiser, we’ve done it for three or four years now,” said band director Kelli Taylor. 

The fundraiser begins on Sep. 9 and lasts a month. A part of the money goes towards contest transportation and the rest will go towards students going to Chicago. Contributors will be able to donate through a Go-Fund-Me like website specifically for school programs. 

“Fundraisers are a good way to invest in different clubs and support the students in the club,” said sophomore Peter Onema. 

Many more fundraisers are planned for different student organizations later in the year. Student Council will be holding a drive-in movie night on Sep. 16, the Latinx Student Association will be selling Hispanic candy bags during Hispanic Heritage Month, Orchestra will be holding a snap raise campaign, and much more.