The longest government shutdown in U.S. history; “Could be up to a year long” Trump says

Gregory Richardson, Reporter

As of December 20 the government was shutdown until a meeting was held to discuss the construction of the border wall. On Saturday January 12, the government shutdown became the longest shutdown in U.S. history, surpassing the ’95 Clinton shutdown on Friday January 11. Since then, three meetings have been held, two with Republican leaders, and one with Democrat leaders.

From the meetings, the amount of tax dollars that must be raised to fund the construction is around 5.6 billion. According to Trump, since the steel industry is having a comeback the wall will be solid steel. Not concrete, this will cause the construction to be more costly.

During the President’s campaign it was promised that Mexico will pay for the construction of the wall.

Trump said, “Obviously Mexico isn’t going to write a check for a border wall,” backing off his promises.

Going into the fourth week of the shutdown, several security gates at airports across the country were closed due to workers leaving their stations because they are working without being paid.Around 800,000 government officials are going to work without pay according to CNN. President Trump said that until he gets a proper plan for the funding of the border wall he “won’t budge an inch.”