Spring Fest!

Nikita Lewchuk, Managing Editor

Spring Fest is coming!

“What? When? Why? What even is Spring Fest?”

Excellent questions!

Spring Fest will be like a field day, except not in a field. On April 19, teachers are putting on a variety of activities from movies to kickball to nap time.

This is a chance for the students of Harding to relax and unwind after nine and a half months of C-notes, late-night study sessions and last-minute essays.

It will operate on a block schedule with the first three blocks available for students to choose their activities, and the fourth block for the talent show which costs $1 to attend.

The day will not be a free clothes day, however students are welcome to wear jeans and spirit shirts in accordance with Friday dress policy.

Attendance will be taken ALL DAY, so no free ditch day (@the seniors).

Students are not required to be in the same block all day, but they will not be permitted to change activities in the middle of a block.

The majority of activities will take place in teachers classrooms with a few exceptions. Students looking to get some time outdoors will have the option during first block to go on a photo walk with Mr. Dudley first or third block or play Bocce Ball with Mrs. Smreker in the field. During second block Mr. Abrams will host kickball in the field, and Mrs. Adams will walk to Hurts Donuts, and Bocce ball will also be available. Piccolo will be taking students to the park during third block. 

Both gyms will available for a variety of activities all day, and there will be ping pong in the cafeteria second and third blocks. Mrs. A Taylor will be showing musicals in the auditorium all three blocks.

Lunch schedules will be based on the third block teachers. Kona Ice will be outside the gym from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.