A new force of history


Achariya Nash

Clay McNeill uses the Smartboard with his fourth hour freshman history class.

Achayria Nash, Reporter

When it comes to reading the world and seeking adventure Clay McNeill is the man to ask. McNeill is a new face to the Harding family. Some may say he is the “new Gomez,” but others say that he is one of the “best history teachers they had ever had.”   

McNeill was in the Air Force for 20 years and for three of those years he was an instructor in the Air Force. After serving his time, he went to get his teaching degree, and began teaching History. 

McNeill’s family plays a significant role in his life, and being active in things such as running, riding bikes, and being outdoors, he also turned his basement into a gym.  

McNeill also played football, basketball and soccer in high school and found a passion for playing soccer. His passion rubbed off on his daughter who has been playing since she was little. She is now a first-year student attending Heritage Hall. 

Enjoying life is something McNeill stands for.  

“There is always something to do in life,” he said. “I want to experiences the world before death,” he said.  

When it comes to the classroom, McNeil is an active teacher. He likes to engage with his class by asking questions, showing videos and pictures and group talks. “I don’t want my students just sitting and writing. I want them to be active and engage while learning”, he said. 

The eagle family is incredibly pleased to welcome McNeill to Harding.