Sophomore’s race across the library


Pao Zapata

Sophomore Rachel Carr’s picture will travel along the fiction section in the library as she completes her reading journey.

Talal Al-Zubi, Reporter

If you have gone into the library recently, you may have noticed a little cut-out of sophomore Rachel Carr taped to one of the bookshelves. Carr has set a goal to read one book by every author in the fiction section by the time she graduates. 

The idea came about after Media Center Specialist Jillian Thomas was always making jokes about reading all the books in the library and Carr decided to just go for it. Carr has always loved to read and mentioned that her favorite genre is fantasy. 

My favorite genre is fantasy because you can read about all the far-off places that a mind is able to construct in vivid detail,” Carr said.

“A good book is like entering a new world. Once you start reading, you are no longer a school, you are in Neverland, or Oz, or Fores’toro, or Ireland or some other magical and nonexistent place,” Carr said.

Carr had the idea in August and she hopes to be finished by senior year, but in an ideal world she said she would like to finish this year.  

Thomas thinks setting reading goals is a great idea and helps hold students accountable and ensure they read a little every day.  

“If anyone can finish it, it’s [Carr],” Thomas said.

Thomas had the idea to put up the photo of Carr to track her progress in hopes of inspiring others to read more. Thomas hopes eventually an official race can happen.  

If you do not like to read, or think books are boring you either have not read the right type of book yet,” Carr said. “Everyone enjoys different things and I have found that people who do not like to read have only really read the same genre.”