Review of Nike’s new commercial

Hani Mohamed, reporter

Nike’s new commercial showed women beating sports aired on February 26.

There were mixed feeling about “Dream Crazy” since some people believe that no one thinks this way of women anymore and portrayed women as victims. While others think women’s rights is an ongoing conversation.

Though, I believe that the commercial is out of date in America due to the fact that women are able to do these things now. There are still other countries that need to hear this message. I loved the fact that Nike included all women, such as transgender women, women practicing their faith and different races of women. This gives the commercial a pure view and emphasis that all women are included in the women’s rights movement.

The hardest thing to digest in women’s sports is the fight on whether transwomen are able to participate.

A user by the name Purple Pepper wrote “Serena Williams and Caster Semenya should not be a part of this group of WOMEN. They are built more like a man and not an ordinary woman. I would like to know how other women feel about someone who has the unfair advantages of these women who have high male hormones?” Green Locomotive replied back, “They are tested for banned substances all the time to make sure they are clean atheletes [sic]. They have worked for their successes. I think you[r] argument is without merit.” Both were viewers of the commercial on Runner’s World.

This leads the discussion to what role trans women play in women’s sports. I understand and respect both sides when they are presented respectfully. As a young person who has not had that much experience, I am still unsure where I stand, which I think it is fine to be unsure since each side can come off as irritated or offensive. No matter where anyone stands on this, we should not forget trans women are women and should be treated like women.

There should not be a thing of too much support or independence for women. Yes, even thought women have come a long way it does not take away the fact that we can have commercials such as these. There are still many women in the world that are not as fortunate.