Superache tour was not a ‘Disaster’



Gray holding a pride flag during his song ‘People Watching’

Becca Jolly, Managing Editor

As Conan Gray travels through North America for his Superache tour, he blessed Oklahoma City with his performance at The Criterion on Oct. 5!

Tickets for this show went on sale in June, soon after Gray’s album ‘Superache’ was released. 

The doors for the show opened at 7:00 pm. I arrived at the venue around 5:45 and the line to get in went all the way down the street. I was in the middle of the line.  

Once we got inside the venue, it was very chaotic. I struggled getting a spot with a good view. Once we drifted around, I got a great view of the stage. 

At 8:00 the opener, Baby Queen came on stage. She is known for her song ‘Colours of You,’ which was featured in the show ‘Heartstopper.’ Her set lasted about 45 minutes. 

I had never heard of Baby Queen prior to this concert, but her set was very fun and I enjoyed all the songs featured. She also had a lot of crowd interactions, including participating in a fan’s BeReal post.

Conan Gray opened his set with his song ‘Disaster.’  The overall build up in the introduction made me feel like I was going to faint with excitement. The moment he came on stage my stomach dropped and my eyes got wide. 

After a few songs he introduced himself to the crowd. He told us he was so happy to be back in the south. 

“I’m very happy to be at the birthplace of Sonic!” Gray said.

He sang some more songs and he sounded great. Gray made note changes is many songs. My personal favorite was the ‘Family Line ‘ note change!

The moment I heard the guitar intro for ‘Jigsaw’ I started crying on the spot. This song has always been relatable to me, much like many of Gray’s other songs. To be able to scream the words as loud as I could was an overall life changing experience. I will remember those three minutes and 23 seconds forever!

Gray sang other songs from ‘Superache’ along with older songs from his first album ‘Kid Krow ‘ like ‘Heather,’ ‘Maniac,’ and ‘Checkmate. 

His set lasted for about an hour. I wish it was longer, considering I waited in line for two hours to get in.

Gray closed the show with his album’s lead single ‘Memories.’ My emotions were going ballistic. I was crying so hard during this whole song. 

The merchandise for the tour was also amazing. The stands had many things from shirts and sweatshirts, to tote bags and necklaces. Although it is quite expensive, the items seemed to be of good quality.

Overall, this concert was absolutely amazing. It was one of the best nights ever.  

I give my ‘Superache Tour’ experience a 9/10 rose petals!