Emo Latinas for the win


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“Wednesday” is satisfying only on the level of formulaic teenage romance and mystery. via Mike Hale in The New York Times

Pao Zapata, Editor in Chief

 This review contains minor spoilers

Following Jenna Ortega’s many projects this year, “Wednesday” has got to be my favorite one. Netflix released “Wednesday” on Nov. 23, and it was a hit! Many people online raved about certain scenes and even wondered if there will be a season two. 

The show consists of characters that have been known and loved throughout history. Characters originally made by Charles Addams, have come back on screen for Netflix’s adaption, “Wednesday.”  

The show is focused on Wednesday Addams and how she is unable to fit in at regular public schools. She is taken the high school where her parents met, Nevermore, and she hates it at first. Wednesday doesn’t like the idea of a new school, let alone her colorful roommate.  

Wednesday is allergic to any color that isn’t black and her uniform is custom made for her at Nevermore. Wednesday quickly sees that Nevermore isn’t too bad and she is going to fit in just fine.  

The show continues as a murder mystery, where Wednesday becomes intrigued as she watches one of her classmates be murdered by a strange monster. However, no one believes her as her classmate was alive and well the next day.  

“Wednesday” has many elements and it becomes very intriguing after the opening scene. “Wednesday” had me so hooked that I finished the entire series in one day. 

One thing I really enjoyed was the representation for Latinx people as well. Ortega being announced to play Wednesday Addams was so exciting for my sisters and I. We love to see a powerful Latina actress on screen. 

Although Wednesday is a darker character, I loved that I was able to see myself in her. I love her gothic aura and how she always has that dead look in her eyes. Her dark makeup and all black outfits are astounding.

“Burton was also ready to make Wednesday’s Latina heritage part of the story with a scene referencing her family’s participation in Día de los Muertos. Along with this, it’s important to note that this isn’t a reboot or a remake. This is a journey into adulthood for an iconic character while exploring facets of her that have never been explored before, according to the team bringing this story to life,” said writer for Remezcla, Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez.  

I liked to joke that “Wednesday’s” impact on me changed my personality. However, I really did enjoy the show itself. I loved the how powerful Wednesday is as a character. She has always been my favorite in the original movies, and when I heard that there would be a show about her, I was very intrigued.  

One of my favorite scenes is in episode four where Wednesday is dancing at the Rave’n school dance.

It was interesting that in a new video recently posted to Still Watching Netflix YoutubeOrtega said she choreographed the dance herself, saying she used how goth teens danced in the 80s as inspiration. Ortega really popped off with that for real.  

Also of note is a cameo by Christina Ricci, who also played Wednesday Addams in the 1990s movie adaptations of the show. 

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