Final countdown

As finals approach, the Marionette staff members have some tips for stressed-out test takers

Emma Attig, Reporter


With AP testing happening and finals week right in front of us, it can all be incredibly stressful and draining. So, here are a few things you can do to help prepare and take care of yourself during testing: 

Get Some Sleep: Sleep is a key element to your everyday life. It is also vital to your ability to be able to take tests, more effectively take them effectively. Make sure you try to go to bed early, getting at least eight to nine hours of sleep. This way you give your internal battery time to recharge each night, and you can focus on testing and studying, not on how much you wish you were in bed.  

Practice Effective Studying: Studying can be challenging for some teens. Many get distracted or bored when they try to study, while others do not have enough time for it. To make studying effective, set boundaries and goals. Taking scheduled breaks lets your mind process the information you just took in and lets you also breathe and do things that do not use as much brain power. Also, set aside time to study each day and hold yourself accountable to your schedule. 

Eat and Hydrate: Food and water are fuel for your body and mind. Being busy or on the go all the time is not an excuse to neglect your needs. You will feel so much better eating and hydrating before your test, even if it is a small amount. Food will fuel your mind into being able to process better. 

Exercise: Exercising can increase brain function and will also help you sleep through the night. Sleep is important but it is not easy when you are stressed, so if you are tired then you will sleep better, even hopefully throughout the whole night.  

Testing can be stressful, but manageable if you maximize your time, take breaks, exercise, get sleep and stay hydrated. Remember that it is almost summer, and no matter the outcome it isn’t the end of the world if you don’t do as well as you hoped. Think positively and mindfully. From the whole Marionette Staff, we wish you luck and a great Summer Break!