Running safely through fall

With fewer daylight hours, runners should take more safety precautions


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Running safety is critical to your well being.

Emma Attig, Editor in Chief

Most runners tend to run alone, and with busy schedules and the sun setting earlier, runner’s safety becomes a top concern. Here are a few things you can do to help ensure your safety while running or exercising outside in general: 

Change your route 

Changing your route or running times can make you less likely to be stalked. This can also improve your skills as an athlete by improving your adaptability to a changing environment.  

Do not wear headphones 

Wanting to have some sort of entertainment, especially during long runs is understandable, but in order to stay aware of your surroundings you shouldn’t run with headphones in. Especially in areas you have never ran and in with both headphones in.  

Choose your routes wisely 

Choosing your routes in areas that are safer and well-lit. This includes neighborhoods that have neighborhood watch programs, sidewalks and street lighting. This also includes running in areas that do not have high car traffic and more foot traffic.  

Make eye contact 

Make eye contact with those you are passing. This helps them remember you and if something happens, they are more likely to give the police information about you because of the simple act of eye contact.  

Wear the right gear 

When running in the dark, wear reflective gear and lights. You should do this even when running in well-lit areas. If you are running at night be aware of cars and the fact that they may not see you.  

Carry protection 

Runners may need protection against both wildlife or even other people. One of the most common types of protection is pepper spray. It is easy to carry and use, but you should learn how to use it effectively. How to Use Pepper Spray – 4 Easy Steps  

Trust your gut 

When you have a bad feeling, trust your gut. Find someone and ask them to walk by them because you feel like something is going to happen. Call the police. Get on the phone with someone. Share your location with a trusted person.  

Stay safe! Enjoy this fall weather and have fun!