Black feminist thought; A different type of club

Gregory Richardson, Reporter

A new club that has been added to the list this year is Black Feminist Thought Club, which is being led by junior Cydney Swanson. Black Feminist Thought analyzes black history through a feminist lens. The club discusses black feminism in society today, and how African American women are not acknowledged throughout history the same as their white counterparts. While the group mainly discusses issues that affect Harding students, they do branch out to broader topics, as well.

“I encourage my members every day we meet, to talk to their friends, and reach out for new members,” Swanson said.

Swanson started the club in hopes of teaching students black women’s history, touching on politics, economics, ideology, as well as other subjects. Sometimes the conversations do get heated, but the point of the club is to learn and understand, Swanson said, not to argue and create hostility. Swanson did receive some backlash from teachers and students when starting the club, but she retained focus.

“I did get a lot of backlash, especially for the name being ‘Black Feminist Club,'” Swanson said. “The club is for everybody, but you must know that if you come to a meeting African American women’s history is the main subject.”