Hobbies help students, teachers pass the time during spring lockdown

Senior Rori Reiswig crocheted small animals while practicing social distancing in the spring.

Emily Vasquez, Reporter

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In March, Americans stuck at home were faced with a dilemma: how do we pass the time?

Students and staff here picked up some new hobbies during lockdown along with their fellow Americans that kept them busy and their minds off quarantine.

Senior Rori Reiswig was inspired by her grandmother to pick up crocheting.

“I had her show me the basics,” Reiswig said. She also used techniques and patterns she found online. She spends a couple of hours a week creating small whales and practicing patterns from “Knit Grit” on YouTube. Though quarantine is over, Reiswig continues to crotchet little creatures.

Media Specialist Jillian Thomas spent her quarantine practicing her flexibility and changing her look at the same time. Thomas lived in Brazil during lockdown and decided to try something that would make her feel better while she was away from home.

“I went from having a lot of social contact to almost nothing,” Thomas said. Learning yoga was a way for her to de-stress and cope with everything going on. “I did a 30-day challenge, loved it, so I did another 30-day challenge. Loved it,” Thomas said. She also spent time changing her look.

“I went down a YouTube spiral and discovered a new method of washing, drying, “plopping” and using products to enhance the natural wave of your hair,” she said. “I spent about 60 days transitioning to new sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoos, and different methods in order to change my hair from straight-ish to 2B/2C curl.” 

Sophomore Kaylee Hanneman had multiple hobbies this lockdown period. Not only did she work on her athletics, but she also worked on her creative side.  Her father was her inspiration for playing soccer.

“I started playing because my dad played when he was in school,” Hanneman said.

She also combined her love of reading and drawing into writing music. With the help of a friend she began to write songs and her friend would compose them.