Gen Z takes makeup to new level


Marcelo Moreira via Pexels

Teenagers have utilized YouTube and other social media to improve their makeup skills.

Paola Zapata , Reporter

Makeup is an art that anyone can learn, it just needs patience, time and a positive mentality. Makeup now is a part of many teens’ lives, helping young people express themselves and show that anyone can learn how to do it.

The first time I remember learning about makeup was when I used to watch my sisters and their friends apply on some. I wanted to try it out so badly, but I did not know how.  

Before I learned how to do makeup myself, I usually had one of my sisters apply it on me. I have always liked how she would apply makeup. My sister became incredibly talented just by watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. She has even done makeup for weddings, parties and quinceañeras. 

However, as I got older, I started learning how to do makeup myself. If I am honest, I was not good at it at all, but I loved to practice. I am so grateful for my sister giving their opinions and letting me know if something I did looked right or wrong.  

In middle school I used to make my brows at least five shades darker than my actual hair and would even use a pink concealer that did not look right at all. After many years of practice and learning how to pick out the right shades for my skin, I have learned so much. I love to do my makeup and it is so fun doing different colored eyeshadows and eyeliners.  

When I look at Gen Z, I think about how talented we are at doing makeup. It all started with the help of YouTube and influencers on Instagram. We follow trends and always make sure to complement each other, which gives us extra confidence.  

Growing up with the Internet as a learning tool is something that Gen Z has benefitted so much from. I love being able to just open YouTube to learn how to apply eyeshadow correctly. Influencers like NikkieTutorials, Sylvia Gani, Bretman Rock, and Niki and Gabi are just a couple examples of influencers that have inspired aspiring Gen Z teens.

Many Gen Z teens have become talented and many have even dreamed of being makeup artists one day themselves. Apart from beauty school and the amount of money that can be made just by putting makeup on someone’s face, many teens hope to just have fun. We want jobs in the future that we will be able to enjoy and have fun.