The Marionette unboxes ‘Worst Case Scenario’

Adam Peters

Emma Attig, Campbell Hans, Reporter

Emma Attig and Campbell Hans unbox the game “Worst Case Scenario” and discover its charms. The game can be found for $19.99 at Target and other major retailers.

From the manufacturer: “How do you compare living through a pandemic to being chased by a gorilla or locked in the trunk of a moving car or losing your memory or being lost at sea? We live in a dangerous world, and now is the time for you to decide which scenarios are bad, very bad, awful, horrible, or simply the worst!

Take turns playing “The Victim” and score points when your fellow players match how you rank five worst-case scenarios. The Victim’s Wheel decides your fate on every turn, but when disaster strikes…all that matters is who thinks alike!

Ages: 10-Adult / 3-6 Players”