Activities to do in less than 30 minutes


Gabby K

Students can use their two 35 minute advisory breaks for a multitude of activities, not just napping.

Adam Peters, Reporter

The two new 35 minute advisories during the school day allow students to take a break from school. While this time is great for knocking out some homework, making up missed assignments or getting help from a teacher, sometimes you just need to get away from online class and do something different in your day. Here are a few suggestions for how to use your breaks:

Re-energize by going for a walk, doing some yoga, getting some some fresh air or doing a workout;

Play a video game, spend some time reading, catch up on news and current events or eat lunch at a different time;

Self-improvement options include dedicating some time to a hobby, practicing an instrument, organizing school materials, watering your plants or catching up on work;

Social options include talking to a friend or sending memes to friends.

However you choose to spend your 35 minute breaks is up to you, so make the most of it, since it is unlikely the schedule will continue when students return to campus.