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Formidable flavors at 23rd street spot

Formosa Street Food and Bar fills you up with small bites without breaking the bank
Hannah Tichenor
Formosa comes from the latin word for beautiful

Formosa Street Food & Bar is a family-owned Asian fusion restaurant found in downtown Oklahoma City.  

When you first walk in, you are met with the restaurant’s soothing atmosphere. I felt so welcomed and comforted. My server was super kind and helpful.  

Each dish was brought out one by one, which I personally liked. It was less overwhelming than if all the food was brought out at once (especially since I was taking pictures and jotting down notes as we went). 

The presentation for each dish was well thought-out and executed.  

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Despite having a relatively small amount of space, there was a variety of seating. Some tables had comfortable cushioned seats, almost like a booth, and there was outdoor seating as well. I went with my uncle, and we both picked out a few dishes that we wanted to try.  

Black Milk Tea with Lychee Jellies – 8/10 

Black Milk Tea with Lychee Jellies (Hannah Tichenor)

To go with my meal, I had a medium sweet black milk tea with lychee jellies. I was nervous it wouldn’t be sweet enough, but the tea was almost too sweet for me. If I hadn’t known better, I would’ve thought the jellies were just pieces of cut up lychee, they tasted so similar to the real thing. Overall, I really liked it, and I would get it again. 





Menu item #14: Spicy Cold Noodles – 9/10 

Spicy Cold Noodles (Hannah Tichenor)

This was like a pasta salad. It was cold, and had cucumbers, crushed peanuts, and scallion. It comes with spicy chili oil, but on the side. This way the spice level is fully customizable, which I loved. People with various levels of spice tolerance can all enjoy it. I tried it with and without the chili oil. Even without the chili oil, the noodles were very flavorful and tasty.  




Menu item #25: Cold Summer String Beans – 10/10 

Cold Summer String Beans (Hannah Tichenor)

I ordered these assuming I wouldn’t like them. Cold green beans? Why would anyone want that? I was proven very wrong. The green beans were crispy, garlicy and delicious. I loved them so much. I kept coming back to them throughout my meal. They were lightly steamed, so they tasted almost fresh. Chunks of garlic covered the whole thing, so there was a slight amount of spice. There was also a hint of cilantro. I would get these again in a heartbeat.  




Menu item #8: Shrimp Dumpling in Chili Oil – 6/10 

Shrimp Dumpling in Chili Oil (Hannah Tichenor)

The shrimp dumplings came with large pieces of shrimp inside a thin dumpling wrap. They had a super strong shrimp flavor and fell apart easily, which made it difficult to eat. The dumplings were mildly spicy, but still good. Between the falling apart and strong flavors this was my least favorite dish I ordered. I normally really like anything with shrimp, but I don’t think that I would order these again. 




Menu item #6: Mini Scallion Pancake Wrap – 10/10 

Mini Scallion Pancake Wrap (Hannah T)

This may have been my absolute favorite menu item that I got to try. It was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The wrap was flaky, sweet, and extremely delicious. It had scallion and cucumber soaked in a sweet sauce on the inside, and the texture of the pancake wrap was like a crepe, but slightly more toasted.  




Menu item #2: Pan fried Pork Soup Dumpling — 7/10 

Pan fried Pork Soup Dumpling (Hannah Tichenor)

I was slightly disappointed in these. The dumplings were good, but compared to the rest of the dishes, I feel like the flavor was mild. They held together well and were filled to the brim with the soup inside. They were warm and comforting. Even though this item wasn’t my favorite, I still really enjoyed it. 





Menu item #21: Fried Buns with Condensed Milk – 8/10 

Fried Buns with Condensed Milk (Hannah Tichenor)

I loved these. I have never tried ‘Fried Buns’ before. These buns were like donuts and angel food cake mixed together. They had a pillow-like texture on the inside and a lightly crispy outside. The top was sprinkled with sugar and was very dense. The buns were served with sweetened condensed milk. I feel like this was a great way to end my meal.  





My total came to about $60, but for the quality and the amount of food (and drink) that I ordered, it was a very fair price. I really liked the mix and match menu style, which allowed me to try more things for less.

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