Clubs and where to find them

Alice Bennett, Reporter

As the school year enters September, clubs find their ground and start hosting meetings. Here’s the clubs that have started around the school, or are soon to start:

Book club: The first meeting will be Sept. 26 in the media center.

Ping pong: Meets every Friday in the cafeteria.

Nerd gaming club/Sci-Fi club: Meets every Monday in Jason Boomer’s room.

Anime club:  Meets every Tuesday in Alvarado’s room.

Gardening club: Will potentially meet after this weekend, as work still has to be done on the greenhouse before the club can start.

Young Minds Conservative America, or YMCA club: Meets every other Friday in Greg Meerschaert’s room with a meeting on Oct. 4.

Gay-Straight Alliance, or GSA: Meets every other Thursday in Emma Smreker’s room with a meeting on Oct. 3.

Speech and debate: Meets every day after school for practice in Michael Ferguson’s room.

World language club: Meets every other Friday in Michael Kraus’ room with a meeting on the Sept. 27.