Album of the month: ‘Beautiful Mind’

Daiden Jones, Reporter

After postponing three times, Rod Wave released his fourth studio album “Beautiful Mind” on Aug. 8. 

Some of the best songs areNo Deal, Never Get Over Me, Rockstar Heart, And Married Next Year.”  

No Deal” starts with a snippet of another song called “People Watching” by Conan Gray, while also starting off the song with a big presence of his voice. Rod uses his decisions in the music industry to continue the verses.  

“Never Get Over Me” is one of the softer songs in the album. This song has a softer rap tone about his relationships. This is one of my favorite songs on the album, I tend to lean more towards the softer music of music. I didn’t really like it at first it seemed like a repeat of other songs from his earlier albums. After a couple of listening to it I realized the melody really carried the song. One lyric that really hit different was “By the time you hear this song/I’m gone be longer than gone.” This lyric alone was a jaw- drop for this song.  

“Sweet Little Lies” is one of the songs that got leaked before he released the album. I generally thought this song was a rushed song. It just seems like this song wasn’t produced to its full potential, it seemed a little short and just thrown in there as an extra song to make the album longer.  

“Rockstar Heart” is one of the other soft melody songs in the album. I really like this song. It is so chill, laid back and soft. I fell asleep to this song once or twice, the beginning of it starts off so soft. The sample in the beginning gives this feeling that you’re in a safe space. This song is the beginning of all the top-tier songs in the album. In my opinion, this song is the definition of his career, and how rock star life is viewed and seen.  

Overall, I hope he makes a deluxe version with some of the leaked songs. Wave is a chill, open-minded person. He relates to a lot of Gen-Z kids, allowing them to see the other side of rap besides the drugs, money and women that are so often the focus of rap songs. It is a great genre of music but it doesn’t need to be all about that stuff. There can be vulnerability, love and compassion. That is exactly what Wave supplies on top of a couple of hard-core raps. In my opinion, Wave is on his way to the top of the rap scene. 

This was a good, planned-out album, but I also think that out of his last three this was towards the bottom. Even after he postponed the album three times, it still was a good listen. 


I give the album an 8/10  

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