Romance (and money) is in the air

We all know what the middle of February means: discount candy day. But before people gorge themselves on half-off Snickers, they typically spend their time enjoying Valentine’s Day with the people they love. There are plenty of ways to spend the day, from spending quality time with each other to just sending a message saying you love someone. But for those who just really want a physical way to express their love, here’s a list of gift ideas to help you out for finding the perfect gift for the people you love.

For your significant other:

  • A ‘Love Boat’ bath bomb from Lush for $6.95
  • A ‘Love’ candle for $29.95
  • 12 chocolate roses for $48.00
  • A Pusheen Cupid plush for $16.00
  • A Gourmet Coffee gift basket for $49.95
  • A vintage rose necklace for $9.39
  • ‘His & Hers’ matching necklace for $16.99

For your family:

  • A ‘Refresh’ wrapped gift, that comes with shower gel, soap, face and body scrub for $32.95
  • A candle that smells like various states, each for $29.95
  • A Starbucks e-gift card found here
  • A coffee and chocolate tasting gift for $38
  • A gallon of popcorn for $29.99
  • Heart stepping stones for $14.99

For your friends:

  • A ‘Beach Cottage’ mini candle for $15.95
  • ‘Send a Corgi!’, which includes a custom greeting card, a corgi plush and optional corgi socks for $24.95
  • Pineapple earrings for $6.98
  • Matching ‘Home Slice’ pizza sweaters for $39.99
  • A ‘Besties’ heart key chain for $20
  • A pizza pie matching necklace for $9.95

For yourself:

  • A ‘Unicorn Horn’ bubble bar from Lush for $6.95
  • A ‘Love Yourself’ candle for $5.99
  • A pair of comfy slippers for $21.99
  • Oreo Love cookies for $2.99
  • A ‘Kitty Cat Coffee Mug’ for $12.99
  • A ‘Single, Taken, Hungry’ mug for $7.98
  • A plush kitten bouquet for $39.99

General gifts: 

  • A romance row rose arrangement, which signifies love, for $85.00
  • A Godiva heart-shaped box of assorted chocolates for $19.99
  • A dozen pink roses, which signify gratitude and appreciation, for $85.00
  • A dozen yellow roses, which represents friendship and joy, for $85.00
  • Reese’s ‘Love-Moji’ peanut butter cups for $3.33
  • An assorted bag of chocolates filled with things such as Milky Ways and 3 Musketeers, for $8.99

Remember, Valentine’s Day is all about love. From your friends, to your family and even to yourself. No matter how you spend the day spreading the love, have a happy Valentine’s Day!