Meet your Homecoming court


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The 2021 Homecoming Court.

Lucas Evans, Reporter

The 2022 HCP Homecoming Court is out! 

Since the Senior Royalty have not yet been announced, here is a look at some of the freshman, sophomore and junior royal court members.

Freshman Bayana Mayberry, a cheerleader, said she has been enjoying the Homecoming experience. 

“It’s made me feel like I have kind of a voice here,” Mayberry said. “It’s also pretty nice to be voted for.”

Mayberry’s favorite mythical creature is the unicorn. 

Sophomores Bianca Dean and Quinton Harris were voted as the royals for their class. 

Quinton said, “ I like the fact it is more casual than a formal dance.”

“I like that they are doing every grade now,” Dean said. “Last year they just did one person for all the grades.”

Dean also has strong feelings about who she wants to win the senior HOCO court.

 “I hope my sister wins, she’s a senior, I think that would be really cool,” she said.

Of course she is talking about Brooklyn Dean, a strong contender for Senior Homecoming Queen.

Dean and Harris both suggested broadening the HOCO experience to include more students.

“The clubs, and the sports, there’s like a lot of students who don’t do any extracurricular activities. A lot of people don’t participate,” Harris said.

Harris’s favorite mythical creature is the griffin. 

Junior Terry Nguyen is representing his class, and although he has not campaigned much, he said he has been enjoying the notoriety. 

“It was great to see my name and that my school peers wanted to vote for me,” Nguyen said.

“I’ve never experienced Homecoming due to freshman year and Covid. And sophomore year was iffy, so I don’t know what to expect,” he continued.

Nguyen agreed with Mayberry and said that his favorite mythical creature is the unicorn.