Boys basketball conflict on court

Gregory Richardson, Reporter

The Boys basketball team had their first home game of the year Nov. 19 for the Pack the House event, where they faced Hoops for Christ. The Varsity boys were looking for an easy victory, but they were sadly wrong, by the second half the Warriors led with no sign of letting loose. The game ended 43-65, a bitter defeat for the Eagles.

The Boys basketball team performed sloppily and uncoordinated, according to Coach Larry Simpson.

“We were not taking any rebounds, if you look at that game as a whole,” said junior Harrold Stelly. “The amount of rebounds we recovered reflects our overall performance.”

The team had trouble connecting, and by the end of the first quarter, the team’s impending defeat was obvious to spectators.

“No one was working together, we were all selfish,” said senior Jake Greer. “I’m not gonna lie, there were many times, were I could’ve passed the ball and I just went for a layup and missed.”

“We were only looking at one thing that night: it was the hoop. Not at the defenders, not at open men; we were focused on the hoop. Just throwing every and anything up there,” Greer continued.

With the taste of defeat lingering on their tongues, the Eagles went to lose against the OKC Knights just three nights later with a staggering score of 38-95 on Nov. 22.

The only wins for the boys’ basketball team so far have come during tournaments. The Eagles beat Santa Fe south 35-29 at the Harding Festival on Nov. 16, and they had another win in the Pioneer Tournament in Mustang against Alva.