5sos5 is an emotional ‘BLENDER’


courtesy of 5sos.com

Becca Jolly, Managing Editor

After months of anticipation, 5 Seconds of Summer’s fifth studio album, ‘5SOS5’ is here! The album was released on Sept. 23! 

During a trip to Joshua Tree, California, the band started the production of ‘Complete Mess’, the album’s lead single, which was released on March 2 of this year. 

“We went up there with no expectations,” said guitarist and producer Michael Clifford, in an interview with Variety. “We were still in the thick of the pandemic and none of us were really ready to write.” 

“When we wrote it everything kind of clicked into place,” lead singer, Luke Hemmings said. “We knew we could make good music by ourselves.” 

‘Complete Mess’ features vocals from Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, And Michael Clifford. I like to turn up the volume on Michael’s part every time the song comes on the radio.  

Following the release of ‘Complete Mess’, the band also released four other singles. These include ‘Me Myself & I’, ‘Take My Hand’, and ‘BLENDER’. The last single released was ‘Older’, a duet between Luke Hemmings and his fiancé, Sierra Deaton.  

One thing I love about this album is the amount of singing each member gets. I have been waiting for more Ashton Irwin, the band’s drummer, vocals since the band’s second album ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ which was released in 2015. 

Michael Clifford dives into all of our ‘emo’ sides, so to speak, in his solo song ‘Emotions’. This song is very relatable, making it one of my favorites on the album. The whole chorus of the song is just immaculate with lines like “You should know I feel some type of way, I don’t even know why”, and “Don’t mind me, I’m just feeling’ kind of broken, so I’ll be here with my emotions”. 

This song is one of my top three favorites on the album. 

This album is so different from the band’s past albums. I have always loved the switch from pop to ‘wanna be punk rock’. ‘5SOS5’ just gives me a sense of nostalgia to older songs like ‘Outerspace/Carry On’ and ‘Beside You’.  

I think my overall favorite song on the album is ‘Caramel’. The beat drop on this song sends me into overload. The line “I know it well, caramel, I feel the comedown” gives me chills. I can see future me screaming the words to this song at a concert or in the car. 

Moodswings’ is an emotional song about drifting away from someone. Although I don’t relate personally, the chorus of this song makes me want to cry.  

Personally, I think 5SOS outdid themselves with this album. ‘5SOS5’ is already my new favorite album from the band. This album has not one skip on it. I can’t wait for future releases. 

I give ‘5SOS5’ a 9/10 pieces of caramel. 

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