State fair offers food, fun for all

Paige Kanclerowicz, Reporter

Come one, come all. The fair is in town for one more weekend! 

They are many options for food this year that were delicious as well as just intriguing in general, such as: cup of corn with a little condiment bar right next to where you get it, a “porkaccino,” which it is stacked pork, potatoes and gravy layered until the cup is full. 

Although they are pricy, I do recommend the turkey legs, my personal favorite.  

For the rides on the other hand, I highly recommend getting the wristband with the golden pass. This may seem expensive, but you get what you pay for. After all, it is the state fair! This is convenient if this is for you, but if you are paying for a crowd, it may break the bank. Overall, the pass does save time and create more fun and flexibility for your time at the fair.  

The rides are well worth the price of the pass, and the employees seem intent on safety. The employees are kind and will let your whole group (within reason) on the ride at one time. The rides looked nicer and safer, creating a calmer time on the rides this year than last year. Even having employees ride the ride to ensure safety every time patrons ride.  

Opting for the more expensive options this year will give you the bang for your buck, Creating more opportunity and time to be able to participate in everything without being tired, grumpy and ready to leave.