An all new addition

The Media Center takes on a new look as donations pour in from Harding alumni


Kelli Taylor

The Media Center is currently gutted, showing windows on the south side of the room that have been blocked by a wall for decades.

Gregory Richardson, Reporter

With all of the handbook and staff changes, Harding Charter Prep is now turning its attention on a much-needed renovation of the Media Center. Construction started around the beginning of the school year.

Harding alumnus Doug Rippeto, class of 1958, donated toward the effort, coordinated by former head of school Carole Kelley and former principal Dr. Mylo Miller.

Media Center specialist Kathleen Moore suggested the renovation and chose the color scheme. She chose grays and greens for the walls, and a bright green for the bookshelves. Along with the paint job, the Media Center will receive new computers, and television sets.

“I am very excited to see the new computers and wireless laptops,” Moore said. “We will have four T.V. sets installed in the Media Center, and the new setup of the media center will actually improve student productivity.” The new Media Center will focus on technology, but will not forget the traditional values of reading and studying with paper and pencil.

With incoming changes some things will be taken out. Moore is sad to see some of the old equipment go.

“One thing that I am sad to see leave is the old bookshelves. They have history,” Moore said.

It only took a matter of seconds to decide what she was eager to get rid of.

“I am so happy to get rid of the old circular desk,” Moore said.

If she could add something herself, Moore ould pick a new circular desk big enough for two students.

“I believe that the all-new Media Center will show all students and teachers that everything, old or new, is something that has to be treasured. The new Media Center will heavily increase productivity school-wide,” Moore said.

Construction on the new Media Center is slated to be finished by early November.