Clubbin’ around HCP: club updates

Gregory Richardson, Staff

Around two weeks into the school year, clubs and organizations began meeting. From Academic Bowl to World Language Club, there is a variety of after-school activities for all students to be involved in.

Book Club

Book club meets on the last Thursday of every month, and is for students who love reading and who would like to have interesting discussions with their friends. The club is sponsor Kathleen Moore, Media Center Specialist. For more info on book club please contact Moore. Book club meets every Thursday from 3:10 to 4:30 in the media center, right now there will not be a media center until November.

Ping Pong Club

One club that is focused on athletics, is ping-pong club. Sponsored by Tom Kindinger,  ping-pong club helps students who have little to no experience at a ping pong table. Sophomore Thomas Nguyen is a member of the club.

“Ping Pong club helps me and my friends compete and learn great skills, I am able to learn how my friends play through their personalities. We’re chill, none of us want to be professionals. We are here to have fun,” Nguyen said. 

For more information about Ping Pong club see Kindinger, email him [email protected] Or visit the club, they meet in the cafeteria every Wednesday from 3:10 to 4:30.

Sci-Fi Club

Another club that will help student interaction is, Sci-Fi club, sponsored by Jason Boomer. The club allows students to have the opportunity to show their interest with science fiction activities such as movies, videos, and video games after school on Friday in room 316.  The club is a great way for students to spend time sharing interests with other students within the student body. Brian McGowen  enjoys being the club’s treasurer.

“I want to enjoy my time this year. Also it is just a good place to have fun with Sci-Fi themes ,” McGowen said.

A unique aspect of Sci-Fi club is that each month there is a new theme.

For more information on Sci-Fi Club please contact Boomer at: [email protected]

Chess Club

Chess club is also lead by Tom Kindinger. Unlike Ping Pong club, Chess club is more serious, and is more about honing skills than learning fundamentals. Senior Dylan DelCol said, “I hope to get more experience playing against other players in both an informal setting and at a competitive level.” Last year DelCol and former senior Camron Bowman competed in a few tournaments, often placing first or second. For info about chess club please contact Kindinger at: [email protected]

World Language Club

World language club focuses on helping students become culturally sensitive, and aware. is in charge of  students who learn the languages and cultures of other countries. For info about the world language club please contact Michael Kraus at his E-mail: [email protected]


Stem Club is for anyone who enjoys using science, technology, engineering, and/or math to build and design constructive projects that help the school community.  The club helps develop team skills, creative though, and logical thinking, which are all critical characteristics involved in the STEM professional fields. Avery Mendez  is wanting to learn everything about computer engineering.

“I want to learn more about engineering especially computer programming,” Mendez said.

STEM Club is held in Tom Kindinger’s room for information contact him at his E-mail: [email protected]

Speech and Debate

Speech and debate is coached by Ferguson, who teaches novice speech and debate, drama, and public speaking. Speech and debate attend meetings at the school and other schools where they compete in a number of  public speaking events. For information please contact  Ferguson at: [email protected]

National Honor Society

NHS is lead by Natalie Runnels. NHS is a way to recognize students for academic achievement. It also has multiple events for members, and completes service projects throughout the year. For information about NHS contact Runnels in room 314.

Student Council

STUCO sponsors many events in the school. The members also help raise money during Eagle week to help out charity organizations such as Make-A-Wish, and Anna’s House. For info please contact Crystal walker at her E-mail: [email protected]

Gay Straight Alliance

Gay Straight Alliance, or GSA,  is a student-run club that brings LGBTQ and straight students to support each other, provide a safe place to socialize, and create a platform to fight for racial, gender, LGBTQ, and economic justice. GSA meets every Thursday at 3:10 to 3:45 p.m. Weekly meetings are held in Josh Higginbotham’s room in the cafeteria.

Academic Bowl

Academic Bowl is also held in Higginbotham’s class. Academic Bowl is where members develop academic and professional skills and knowledge beyond the classroom. They practice team building and cooperative planning, build friendships and camaraderie with classmates, and interact with motivated and positive students from other schools. Full commitment over a period of two to four years also adds to a student’s resume for college, and many teams exist in some form at the university level, often with scholarships. Academic teams provide opportunities for new experiences and fun activities. you can find out more by going to his room in the cafeteria.