Lunch program no longer free for all students


Pixabay via Pexels

Students must pay for breakfast and lunch now that the federal free lunch program has ended.

Darius Burge, Reporter

The federal program that provided free lunch for all students in the U.S. has ended, leaving students who do not qualify for the Federal Free and Reduced School Lunch Program wondering where they are going to make up the difference in cost. School lunches are now $4.00 and breakfast is $2.00. To qualify for a free or reduced lunch price, families must apply and be accepted.

The recent changes at the school have affected many students. Not offering free lunches, when everyone does not qualify for free and reduced lunches, may cause money problems and unnecessary spending for students in low income families. 

Senior Dylan Gilyard said the new prices do not affect her because she brings her lunch. However, she had concerns for other students.

“I wish it were more affordable because not everyone can spare $4.00 every day for lunch and an additional $2.00 for breakfast,” she said. 

Those who bring their lunches every day are not as directly affected by this change.  

“I barely eat school lunch. So, it does not affect me all that much,” said freshman Mekhi Garner. 

Some called into question whether the value of the lunch is worth the increase.

“I personally don’t think the school’s lunch is worth $4.00, but it’s my senior year so I am not too mad about the new changes,” said senior Isaiah Reed.