Wacky Outfits and Exciting Activities – HCP Spirit Week is here

Maren Howard, Reporter

Spirit Week 2022 is here and students can pay to dress out of uniform and participate in activities! 

To be able to dress out, students must pay $5 either Monday or Tuesday this week in the lobby to get a wristband that has to be worn all week. The dress code still has to be followed every day.  

Monday’s theme is pajama day.  

The activity is an obstacle course. Teams of 4 can be registered on the Microsoft Teams’ announcements page. It is $8 per team and $2 per person if they pre-register. The price increases to $10 if they don’t pre-register.  

For $2, students can also register to interact with the course and throw water balloons or hit with pool noodles. This event is free to watch and begins at 3:30 pm. There will also be the food truck Yum Yum Bites there. 

Tuesday’s theme is country vs. country Club. The upperclassmen dress as if they are going to a country club and the lowerclassmen dress as if they are country.  

The activity is the annual teacher vs student kickball and students flag football. Kickball starts at 3:30 pm and is free to play. Teams for the games are registered on Microsoft Teams. It costs $1 to watch the games. There will be food trucks called Flamingo Donuts and Chick N Wangs. 

Wednesday’s theme is generations. Freshmen dress as babies or toddlers. Sophomores dress as tweens or middle school aged children. Juniors dress as middle-aged or in a mid-life crisis. Seniors dress as senior citizens. Teachers may dress as the grade of their advisory.  

The activity is the color wars and skate night. Color wars start at 3:15 pm and it costs $2 to participate. Students interested are asked to bring white clothes to make colorful. There will also be a skate night at Skate Galaxy from 6-8 pm and it is $8 per skater. After school food trucks are Bondi Bowls and Taco Truck.  

Thursday’s theme is to dress as an icon or character.  

The activity is “Eagles Got Talent.” Acts for the talent show need to be registered on Microsoft Teams. The acts must be school appropriate and can be lip-syncing, dancing, singing, or playing an instrument. It is free to show off talents but $2 to watch. The show begins at 3:45 pm. The food trucks will be Catfish Shack and Slushy Truck.  

Friday’s theme is green out. An assembly will happen during advisory to raise school spirit for the weekend games. The food trucks will be Cowboys and Angels and Psycho Taco.  

The basketball games on Friday are against Tulsa Noah. Girls start at 7 pm and boys start at 8:30 pm. 

Saturday games are at 5 pm for the girls and 6:30 pm for the boys. Chef Dee’s will be the food truck at those games.  

Spirit week will be a fun and eventful week. “Make sure to dress up, especially seniors, since it’s your last year,” said student council member, Leoncia Mongu.