New Amazon series ramps up LGBTQ representation

Paige Kanclerowicz, Reporter

The new television series “A League of Their Own” Has done what the 1992 movie couldn’t do: represent the LGBTQ+ community.  

“A League of Their Own” is about the first female baseball league during World War II when it was threatening to shut them down completely. The new series stars Abbi Jacobson as Carson Shaw, D’Arcy Carden as Greta Gill, and Chante Adams as Maxine. 

Beware, as the following contains spoilers of the relationship between two of the lead female characters on the show: 

Carson Shaw has a husband that is away in the war, she takes this opportunity to live out her dream of playing professional baseball. On the way to tryouts, she meets Greta Gill. The obvious tension between them isn’t said aloud until they kiss in a restaurant closet.  

Their type of relationship is something that you don’t get to see very often when watching shows that are featuring a lesbian relationship. Usually, they are overly sexual or overly dramatic. 

Many lesbians that watch these types of shows watch them because they represent something that they are, that they don’t get to see often, and that they care about. Without those overly sexual or dramatic plots they can just sit back and enjoy the representation. 

I say this because many times on social media there is so much backlash from lesbians when a show like this has been canceled. For example, the show “The Wilds” Was popular and had great representation for the LGBTQ community, as well as indigenous individuals and victims of grooming or sexual assault. After only two seasons the show was canceled. 

The continuous cancellation of these important shows is misleading.  

Heart-stopper” Portrayed a healthy and loving relationship between two women. It received an intense amount of support from just its first season, when no lesbian show has ever received that. 

Giving “A League of Their Own” the support that it deserves is important to create a better audience and support system for possible shows in the future. This show is one of the first that shows a healthy relationship even though these women are both in the closet, largely due to the time period they are living in.  

It is amazing to see a show that is based off an old movie that has so much representation that wasn’t in the old movie.