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January Food Review: Hunny Bunny Biscuit Co.

Dylan DelCol, Reporter/Copy Editor

March 3, 2019

This month's food review is all about the biscuits at Hunny Bunny Biscuit Co. on 23rd Street. Hunny Bunny Biscuit Co. was the brainchild of executive chef Chris McKenna and the Urban Management Group Inc. McKenna said in an interview with the Gazette that he had started dreaming up a biscuit m...

November Review: La Baguette

November Review: La Baguette

Dylan DelCol, Reporter

January 28, 2019

Anyone who’s spent time in Paris will recognize the atmosphere invoked by a good French bakery, and I admit it was almost cathartic to see it emulated here in La Baguette's low-lit and cozy bakery and pastry shop. This time around we have a snack-sized review to fit our snack-sized afternoon me...

October Food Review: Syrup.

October Food Review: Syrup.

Dylan DelCol, Reporter

November 19, 2018

For our October food review, the Marionette staff took a trip down to ‘Syrup.,’ a cozy little restaurant on NW 23rd St., for our first breakfast review of the year. This place offered a suite of breakfast options from the sweetest whimsical desserts to savory brunch delights, and our news staff...

September Food Review: Cajun King

September Food Review: Cajun King

Dylan DelCol, Reporter

November 8, 2018

We were greeted by a shower of green, gold and purple Mardi Gras beads when we stepped in the door of Cajun King, a Louisiana-style buffet restaurant located at 5816 NW 63rd St. Cajun King has been a staple of southern soul food and Cajun food for years, offering a buffet-style experience ($11.99),...

Treats, eats for all Valentine’s Day budgets

Mitchell Stroud, Reporter

February 8, 2018

You wake up, and the brisk February air gently sweeps away your slumber as you walk to the corner flower shop. Every morning you walk by and see the idle shop-owners welcome the few regulars that stop by every day, but today is different. The flower shop is bustling with troves of customers searching...

November Food Review: Goro Ramen and Pie Junkie

November Food Review: Goro Ramen and Pie Junkie

Dylan DelCol, Reporter

January 17, 2018

Returning to the plaza district after a month's recess, the Marionette news staff toured two restaurants this month for our first double review: Goro Ramen and Pie junkie. Only three of us had pies afterwards, but we all had ramen so thats where we'll start. Chase Leach and Jordyn Daniels ordered...

Roxy’s Retro Freezeria

Roxy's Retro Freezeria

Dylan DelCol, reporter

October 25, 2017

For those yearning for a classic 60s-style ice cream parlor, Roxy’s Ice Cream and Soda Fountain has brought that experience to three different locations around the OKC Metro. The HCP news staff took the short trip to their first shop on NW 16th Street to enjoy a few of their range of available ...

January Food Review: Florence’s Cafe

Dylan DelCol, Reporter

March 28, 2017

Florence’s – it might not sound (or look) like a top-of-the-list restaurant, but look no further for a fantastic breakfast that will please both you and your wallet. Although we ordered solely from the breakfast menu, Florence’s offers up a sumptuous variety of lunch and dinner options as well,...

George’s Happy Hog Restaurant Review

Dylan DelCol, Reperter

February 9, 2017

Outside, you are confronted by the sweet and smoky scent of barbecue from almost a block away. Step inside, and you will be greeted by air thick with the scent of roasting meat and smoky barbecue sauce which will stick to you like super glue hours after you leave. Despite this, a line of hungry customers stand...

Cheever’s Fantastic Flowers and Food

Blue Cheese Potato Chip starter

Dylan DelCol, Reporter

October 26, 2016

This cozy little restaurant is deeply rooted in the history of Oklahoma City, and will be for a long while with its new outfit as a fantastic up town restaurant. Cheever's began as a small flower shop at the corner of North Hudson and 23rd, when the property was turned into a storefront in 1938. After...

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