Dominating AP Exams


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Students should eat a good breakfast, use online resources and get a good night’s rest before taking Advanced Placement exams.

Emma Attig, Editor-in-chief

Advanced Placement Exams officially start today. Here is a few tips from AP teachers Daniel Clark (AP United States History) and David Walsh (AP English Language and Composition) for last minute prep and review: 

  1. Take advantage of AP Classroom resources 

Going to AP classroom to watch review videos and looking at the old AP exams is to your advantage and will benefit your scores and comprehension of the exam, according to Walsh.  

Clark says that looking at these can help you rule out questions and prompts that AP won’t use on the exam since they have been used in the recent years in the past.  

Using resources and reviews outside of AP classroom like YouTube videos and reading articles are also in your disposal, Walsh said. 

  1. Prepare the night before 

“The night before the test isn’t the time to pull an all nighter,” Clark said. “It is proven that this only strains your body and mind even more and you won’t learn any new information effectively.” He advised that students should do a light review and get a good night’s rest.  

“Eat a good breakfast with protein to help you last through the whole test without wondering what you will have for lunch,” he said.  

  1. Taking the test 

Walsh specializes in English but says that these tips will help with most exams: 

  • Read, annotate, and engage with your passages. 
  • Understand and directly address the prompt 
  • Mark questions that you are not sure about and go back to them after you answer the ones you know 
  • Find out how much time you have for each section and time manage effectively 
  • Do not leave questions blank, go back and give your best guess before you run out of time 

“You will not get every question right. The test is not meant for you to,” Walsh said. “Try your best and give an educated guess on the ones you do not know.” 

Finally, Clark said that in his experience as an AP test grader students have tried to put money in their tests to bribe their grader. “You may think it’s worth a shot, but slipping a $20 into your test won’t help you!” 

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