It’s the thought that counts


Hcp student’s strange gifts

Becca Jolly, Managing Editor

It happens to everyone: a friend or family member hands you a holiday gift. You tear into it, excited to see what you received. 

And then you see something that is strange, off-color and in some cases, alive. 

Sophomore Ashalynn Hogue got a turtle named Smoochy from her mom. 

“I shook it because I thought it was fake,” she said. “My parents had to make me stop. I was so excited I cried!” 

Sophomore Megan Calloway received a pillow from her brother and his fiancé with the rapper Pitbull’s face on it. On the pillow, Pitbull says “Sweet Dreams.”  

“I was very surprised when I opened it,” Calloway said. “I put it on my list as a joke, and they actually thought I wanted it because it was Pitbull!” 

Sophomore Elora Moore got a tomato from her little brother. 

“I didn’t expect anything better of him, because he’s seven, so I just took it,” she said. 

 Sophomore Daniel Kimbrough was gifted an Among Us action figure. 

“I got it from my brother, and I was very ungrateful,” he said. 

Sawyer Hancock received socks and sandals from his brother. Hancock said he was very confused. 

Fellow Marionette writer Miranda Rodriguez got a Lalaloopsy doll from her grandmother.  

“I mentioned it as a joke,” she said, “Sarcasm doesn’t translate very well in Spanish.”