Who is Lucki, the underground legend?

Marcus Garner, Reporter

Rapper Lucki Camel Jr “Lucki” is a 26-year-old rapper from Chicago. Lucki started garnering attention in 2013 when he dropped the project “Alternative Trap” at the age of 17. This project was highly acclaimed in the underground due to its space-like production and effortless melodies.   

This project was different from the generic trap music that was being produced at that time. Lucki soon after would contact some of the biggest artists in the game setting his career up for success.   

Until 2016, when he started battling heavy with substance abuse and stopped making music altogether. He came back in December of 2017 with the project “Watch My Back”. With this project he goes even deeper into his history of depression and anxiety. Lucki’s biggest influence is Atlanta rapper Future.   

Lucki often turned to Future’s music to help cope with his problems, because of the close relation of their faults. Lucki might not be the most known in the mainstream world of music, but he is one of the best Chicago, underground artists of all time and his impact is almost untouched.

Lucki released project “Flawless Like Me” September 26th. The project is 24 songs with a runtime of 55 minutes. Which is noticeably bigger than his other projects in the past. On the album there is a song titled “KAPITOL DENIM” which features his favorite artist, Future.             


My favorite Lucki project would have to be FreeWave 3. On this project he talks about substance abuse, going through withdrawals and untimely he seemed like he was pushing everybody he loved back.  The project is 15 tracks with a run time that’s about 30 minutes. Lucki has often stated that he recorded the first half of the project while in love, and the 2nd half was after the heartbreak. After the breakup he relied on his mother and grandmother for confront and safety. “Momma told me ‘Bout myself so I can’t listen to nothing/ I need grandma picture with me, I can’t sip if she near me.” 

Some of my all-time favorite Lucki lyrics 

“If you gonna hurt me then make it quick” – “Outro” 

“Cut them off, they was with me at my lowest, but they want to keep me there” – “Meet me there” 

“You call me your brother, I call you a lesson learned” – “root of all” 

“I’m a ken doll in love with a brat.”- “made my day” 

Listen to these songs to get into Lucki: Randomly, Super Uras, Sunset