George’s Happy Hog Restaurant Review

Dylan DelCol, Reperter

Outside, you are confronted by the sweet and smoky scent of barbecue from almost a block away. Step inside, and you will be greeted by air thick with the scent of roasting meat and smoky barbecue sauce which will stick to you like super glue hours after you leave. Despite this, a line of hungry customers stand queued up all the way to the door during the lunch rush. Fast service and plenty of tables make it easy and fast to get and eat your very own plate stacked high with freshly barbecued meat sure to please.

The fresh flavorful food at this downtown blue collar restaurant is sure to leave you full but wishing for more on your way out the door. This restaurant is a bit peculiar in that you eat with plastic cutlery  paper plates instead of traditional silverware which gives this restaurant a unique aesthetic.

The first meal we ordered was a chopped brisket that was smoky and rich with flavor for the appealing cost of $8.25, pretty low for the amount of food offered. It was tender but not mushy and it went well with the salty mac and cheese side dish. Next up are the delicious fall off the bone ribs slathered in barbecue sauce and smoked to perfection. The cornbread served with it is warm and buttery without being too grainy.

Our experience left us thoroughly filled and satisfied. Be forewarned though, you will smell like barbecue for hours afterward – no matter what you try to do.

Though they don’t have an official website, you can check out their menu and some reviews of their most popular dishes here. When you’re ready to go for great barbecue, just head down to 712 Culbertson Drive in the Medical District.